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About Me:Hello everyone, my name is Paul Davenport, Jr and I am a secondary education major in Social Studies at LSU-Shreveport. My goal as a teacher will be to make sure all my students meet the academic standards set for their grade level. I believe as an educator in this community I should prepare the students to become as educated as possible, to prepare them for college, and to be a benefit to the community and society. My role as the teacher is to develop learning strategies in my teachings that helps each student learn. I expect for each student to have a different learning style, so as a teacher my learning strategies will need to meet the needs of different learning styles of the students. I will implement informal assessments to assess the learning of each student and adjust my curriculum if needed. To impact student learning I plan to make sure that class is a safe learning environment and enjoyable to come to. I believe that education should be related to the students lives and their future. If students can find a comparison or a interest in the class, this will make learning interesting and fun. I believe students learn best when they are having fun and have a good understanding of why they are learning. I believe when students are able to have a hands on experience or develop an physical attachment to the lesson this will also help them learn better. Keeping the students engaged and interested will be one of my main focuses, also helping them to understand why they are learning the subject in my classroom. I believe that all students can learn, but a certified teacher is needed in the teaching of the student. I believe if a teacher teaches to connect with the students different learning styles, this will help making the subject easier for the students to learn. By teaching to the students learning styles this will also help with the students different emotional needs. When the students feel safe and comfortable while learning this will help the students better understand the lessons. To be an effective teacher I plan to facilitate a good learning environment for the students to help them be more creative in their learning. By incorporating technology in my lessons this will better prepare the students for their future in the changing technological world. My overall goal as a teacher is to make sure that all my students meet state standards required for them. By my students meeting these standards they will be better prepared to further their education and productive members of society.Teachers have a big responsibility to incorporate technology and ensure students personal growth. Teachers have standards set for them by the state just like the students and incorporating technology and ensuring personal growth is a set standard for the teacher. Incorporating technology and ensuring personal growth is a responsibility, but also a requirement for a teacher. In order for a teacher to meet this standard, the teacher will need to model for the students using technology and also provide numerous opportunities for the student to get experience. Many digital tools should be in the classroom which will provide numerous opportunities for the students to use technology in their learning. Student collaborations in the classroom will help to ensure personal growth for the students. Students will be given several group task giving the students an opportunity to collaborate and work with other students on assignments. This will help students learn to work with others and also help each student with their creativity. Technology I believe plays a big role in bettering students learning experience in school. Places for digital tools in the classroom are numerous and all classrooms should be provide these places for the digital tools. To impact my students learning I plan to have and use numerous digital tools to make my classes more engaging for the students and to better prepare them for the technologically rich society. Digital learning can often make learning fun and interesting for students. Using digital tools will also prepare the students to use different applications used for projects and written assignments. To properly use digital tools students will need to be informed and I as a teacher, will need to model good digital citizenship and responsibility using digital tools. Students will need to know how to use the digital tools respecting others privacy and protecting their privacy as well. As I teacher I plan to inform the students to ensure and promote proper digital citizenship.

Facilitate & Inspire Student learning and creativity:

Before starting ED 202 I did not know how to facilitate and inspire, learning and creativity in a classroom. In my course I have learned to incorporate technology into my lessons to make them creative for my students. During one of our classes in ED 202 we worked with makey makey's, a small microprocessor that is very simple to program. For this makey makey project we designed a fish remote control for a ping pong game on a computer. From this project I grasps a fun way to incorporate technology with learning. For example in this project students could design their remotes incorporating topics from the lesson. Even the game can be programmed to tie in to lessons helping the students learn while creating their own game. Here is a picture of my groups final project.
Design & Develop Digital Age Learning and Assessment
In this area I was not as knowledgeable as I thought I was. I found making a lesson plan needed to be well thought out and incorporate state standards. While designing a lesson plan for my ED 202 I also learned that technology should be incorporated in the plan as much as possible. This will help to keep the students attentive and motivated about the lesson. This is a example of a lesson plan I did for a 6th grade Louisiana History class.
Paul Davenport
6th Grade Louisiana History

Unit Theme: Early American History



Alignment to Standards

Write out CCSS standards: Provide an accurate summary from prior knowledge and opinions about early American History and Louisiana History.

Learner Objective(s)
TLW: Be sure that objectives are aligned to the standards and they are measurable. Do not use “using” or “by”.
The learner will learn events and people in Early American History, leading up to the founding of Louisiana.
Academic Vocabulary
List the academic vocabulary that you will teach during this lesson. You may acknowledge if the words fall into Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3. There’s a link in Moodle for more information about Tiered Vocabulary.

Political system, native societies, and government.

Tier 2: Cultivate, Maritime, Hostility

Tier3: Push factors, Fuedalism, Founders

Lesson Materials and Resources

M- text book

A-overhead projector and computer

S-hard drive for pictures


Hardware:-Projector, computer, speakers


Bell ringer –

First Five

A quick assignment that is completed at the start of class. Quiz can be given before class to learn the students prior knowledge on early American History.

Instructional Activities-Introductory

Establishing Prior Knowledge

Discuss the bellringer questions on kahoot to get the correct answers. Students can also discuss what comes to mind that was not in the kahoot questions.

Communicate Purpose and Relevance

Students should be able to tie today’s society to early American History. So we will discuss how early American History effects the students today making it relevant to the students.


Have rewards for top answers on For example designed pencils, candy, homework pass, school or class bucks.

Instructional Input:

Include Differentiation

The students will learn the history of Louisiana starting with the Louisiana Purchase and early American History.


(I DO)

Video review to establish prior knowledge

Checking for Understanding

Several students can be called upon and asked specific questions of things discussed so far in the class. Also students could be encouraged to point out anything left out or how early American and Louisiana affects them.

Guided Practice

(WE DO) Students can be given a virtual tour of the areas in early American History to see terrains.

Independent Practice

(YOU DO) use technology*

The most important points that will need to be remembered by the student could be written down on a projector for the students to copy down for notes.

Formal and Informal Assessment

Assessment for Learning

Students can be given a quiz of the most important information on paper or using kahoot.

Formal Assessment would be given by test or research paper.

Remediation/Early Finishers*

Early finishers can read there text which will be assigned nightly.


Reiterate important events that students brought up while bringing up important facts left out.

Home Learning

Student will read text and discuss with parents about what their parents know about Louisiana History and write it out to turn in for class.

Special Needs /Accommodations

Individual Accommodations: Highlight or star all accommodations used

Independent Study*

Paired Learning*

Preferential Seating*

504 Modifications*

Learning Styles*

Monitor Students*

These are areas I will focus on for my special needs students.

Small Group*- to encourage the special need students.

Cooperative* Groups- encouraging working with others.

Visual Aids**- for attentiveness

Use of manipulatives**- to keep attentiveness and good behaviors

Reduce Distractions- students will sit in front of the class, but situated among the students without special needs.

Oral Reading**- will also encourage learning.


Shorten Assignment


Study Guide/Outline

Allow breaks

Other: I will need to monitor my 504 students and 1 with dyslexia. Assignment will need to be shorten and visual learning will need to be incorporated.

Class Demographics

Male: 12

Female: 11




American: 8

Special Needs Students:5

(IEP, Gifted, 504)

In this area working with digital tools in my daily life helped me with grasping modeling digital work for students. Where to start in modeling or how to model for a classroom of student I was not as knowledgeable. In this area learning about flipped lesson were very beneficial for me. By doing a flipped lesson students can learn the lesson at home for homework and the next day discuss the lesson or move on to the next lesson. By teaching lesson this way this will encourage student learning also free up more time for questions, new lessons, or assessments. Here is a link to a experimental lesson to show how a flipped lesson can be taught through a you tube video.


Above is a link of a news letter I made to promote & model digital citizenship and responsibility. The smore web site was very easy to use and makes well designed newsletters that can be designed several ways and shared with others. I did not know of this site or how to make newsletters for class, students, or parents. This assignment and web site were very helpful in gaining experience in designing a news letter.

Engage in Personal Growth and Leadership

Google Certification

In ED 202 I became acquainted to Google tools and apps. I was aware of google search and maybe YouTube, but I really had never heard of all the different tools used for education. I learned that there are numerous tools by google being used in the class room to make education fun, easy, and more collaborative. There is a google certification that educators can earn which will ensure understanding using google tools. I was unable to pass the test for certification, but by going through the training and taking the test I learned a lot on how to use the tools and incorporate them in the classroom. To engage in personal growth and leadership I will need to continue to train for a google certification and retake the take, to ensure mastery in using google tools. Also joining groups for teacher who collaborate on ways to better the class room would also help me to engage in personal growth. Taking leadership training and actively look for ways to become a better teacher will be very helpful in personal growth.

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Paul Jr


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