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Zeus the god of sky and the ruler of the gods of Olympus, he told Prometheus that if you bring fire from Mount Olympus to mankind, he’ll eternally punish him. Prometheus brought fire from Mount Olympus, knowing full consequence to mankind. Zeus chained Prometheus to a mountain and he got pecked and eaten by ravens, and all kinds of birds. The next day Prometheus is still chained to the mountain and he regenerates a new body just to get tortured again.



A movie in 2012, titled, “Prometheus” is a modern day allusion of an exploration team looking for God. While they are looking for god, they find creatures, in comparison to humans are godlike. With this new intelligence the aliens know that us humans have the knowledge, so they have to stop the “Prometheus” crew from leaving. Prometheus was also featured in the popular TV show Supernatural. In the game Portal 2, an oracle uses the story of Prometheus to foreshadow a scene in the the game where the antagonist GLaDOS is sent to a place in the Aperature Science facility and is pecked by a bird6


The myth of Prometheus has to do with him bringing mankind fire from Mount Olympus and him getting tortured forever. In Percy Shelley’s poem Prometheus Unbound, it is explaining how he is getting tortured. I believe Zeus himself is also torturing him, as the ruler of the Gods of Olympus, he has the power to send in these “Heaven hounds” and they can hurt Prometheus because he is chained to the mountain.


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