Lewis and Clark Expedition by Colin Loughlin

Accomplishments of the Expedition:

1. They had peaceful cooperation with the different tribes.
2. They created maps of the U.S.
3. They helped people want to settle in the west.


1. Geographical obstacles
2. Bad weather
3. Animals and insects

Discovered Plants and Animals:

1. American badger, Taxidea taxus
2. Bitterroot, Lewisia rediviva
3. Grizzly bears, ursus arctos horribilis

Route Taken:

Key Players of the Expedition

1. Meriwether Lewis- One of two captains of the expedition.
2. William Clark- The other captain of the expedition.
3. Patrick Gass- A sergeant of the expedition.
4. York- A slave of William Clark.
5. Sacagawea- A shoshone indian and interpreter

Tools and items taken on the expedition

1. 2 sextants
2. 193 lb. of portable soup
3. 12 dozen pocket mirrors
Created By
Colin Loughlin

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