School Counselor To the world you may just be a counselor, but to your students you're their hero.

WHat do they do?

They work with individuals to improve mental health, work with families, develop therapeutic processes, talk to kids about school and classes, help to eliminate bullying and any other problems.

counselors environment:

Works with principals, students, teachers, other school staff, parents, family members, and other counselors.

They work in a school setting and usually have an office.

How do they help?

Counselors help kids daily by guiding them through problems they have. They also meet with them to talk about choices, classes, and schedules, home life. They work with parents by talking to them about their child(ren) and how things are going at school and home.


Approximately $53,660 per year

Work schedule:

7:30am- 3:30pm

Summers off

Paid holidays off

Education needed:

State recognized exam PRAXIS 1 & 2

College training (Bachelor's degree)

Most schools require a teaching license

WOrk skills needed:

2 years of post-graduate supervised work



Having to deal with bullying, school threats, suicidal threats, home issues, substance abuse, not paying attention in class, failing grades, and disrespect issues.


Paid holidays off

Summers off

Get to experience different family circumstances

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