The Roman Colosseum by: gage hancock

This magnificent creation is located in Latium, Italy. This historical building was put into construction in 70-72 A.D.. The Colosseum is 620 feet by 513 feet. The biggest Colosseum in the entire Roman Empire. The Colosseum held 50,000 to 80,000 people.


The Colosseum was built to honor the victory of Maxentius when he fought at Pons Milvius. Rome had its last battle in the Colosseum around the 6th century. They also used the Colosseum as a quarry (mined under the building). Which made the foundation of the Colosseum weak and that's why 2/3 of the Colosseum is destroyed.

It broke down because of fires and earthquakes and sometimes flooding. It took only 10 years of hard labor to build the Colosseum. Back then to build something of that magnitude is incredible mainly because of the time they did it in.

Gladiator Fight

Gladiator fights was the main entertainment that they had back then. But gladiator fights were rigged, usually. What I mean by that is they usually put in a criminal ("to fight for their life") and that person didn't have fighting experience. But sometimes they(the kings) lightly armored the fighter ,but the gladiator were always heavily armed them.


The Romans had festivals to celebrate a victory in battle. They also threw festivals to honor people who did a great service to Rome. The Romans had poverty at times so when times were like that they abandoned their children because the couldn't take care of them.

Things to do

Back when their was a roman empire the roman's went to the Colosseum to be entertained. Some reasons why they went their was to see a reenactment of a battle or to see a horse race. What people do when they go to the roman Colosseum is they walk around the Colosseum. But the people spend most of their time in the underground rooms and animal containment areas.


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