Secrets. Everybody’s got their “secrets”. I’d scroll social media looking for SECRETS: the SECRET to staying physically healthy, the SECRET to getting your kids to in the right college, the SECRET to getting the laundry done … the SECRET to a … marriage that works. Then one day I realized something about myself... that in all my searching, I was really just searching for happiness. I just wanted to be able to say “I’m finally happy!” Don’t you feel that way? I’m sure I’m not alone.

And at the end of the day, when the kids are in bed and the laundry’s put away, and your watch says you’ve met your move goals, you’re still searching … still scrolling … for THAT secret to happiness. Can I tell you – I found it. IN a place I never expected to find it … and the best part … it was there the whole time, not in a magazine, not on social media, in fact, not a SECRET at all. I went with a friend, to church... on Easter. And that’s where I found it… The Secret to a Happy Life.

Come join us this Easter

at New Life Baptist Church!

Join us Sunday Morning April 12th as we discover the Easter Secret to a Happy Life! We are saving a seat for you!


We will have a special sunrise service outside at 7am (weather permitting) followed by a free breakfast! Our Bible Study Groups will meet at 10am with groups for all ages! The morning worship service is at 11am.


We will have a special photo booth area setup in our foyer for your Easter family photos! We will even provide a photographer.

Make plans to join us Sunday April 12th!

We are located at 2842 Hwy 76 Adel, Georgia 31620

Questions? Text us at (770) 654-7010