Water for Life Rex S2b 42

Author:Bernard Smith

Publisher:Pearson Education Ltd


Genre:research for protecting environment


There are more and more people in the world, but more and more people keep polluting the world and causing global warming. It makes the fresh water become less and less. About 10% of people do not have adequate fresh water to drink and they will be sick easily.


We should stop polluting the world because chemicals and smoke will destroy water cycle in the world. If they are discharged to sky, it will cause acid rain. When the rain goes down into the sea and ground water, it will contaminate the water seriously.

Best quote

"We have to think about those people in the world without clean water--and about the future for children's children."

I agree to this quote because if there is no fresh water anymore, all the animals and plants will die. If all the creatures die, our offsprings also cannot survive in the world, either. So we have to protect the world and stop contaminating our cherished water and environment.

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