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  • Launch of the 'Care About Nitrogen' campaign
  • INMS Component Lead Nominated for Prestigious Award
  • Nitrogen Highlighted at UN75 Biodiversity Summit
  • Just Enough Nitrogen
  • First INMS Technical Report
  • INA Progress & Call for Peer Reviewers and Additional Contributing Authors
  • International Climate Protection Fellowships

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Celebrating a Year of the Colombo Declaration INMS joins Instagram on UN75

On 24th October INMS celebrated the first anniversary of the Colombo Declaration on Sustainable Nitrogen Management, which fell on the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations – UN Day 2020.

As part of the celebrations, we ran a mix of videos and other messages on social media, via @TowardsINMS on Twitter. At the heart of the celebration was newly released footage from the World Premiere of the Nitrogen Song by Grammy® Award Winner Ricky Kej. Professor Mark Sutton also released a video message which can be viewed below!

We are pleased that the vital work on nitrogen is accelerating apace through all our collaborations across INMS. Together with our partners UNEP, GEF, the UKRI GCRF South Asian Nitrogen Hub and INI, we are moving forward with the UN Global Campaign on Sustainable Nitrogen Management. We also recognise the need to reach out more widely with the public and civil society!

With this in mind, our celebration included launching a new entry to the social media world, as we join Instagram. The new account is called “Care About Nitrogen!” or CAN! for short. CAN!, hosted by UKCEH and the University of Edinburgh, is a partnership that we expect to grow, as we reach out to develop the global conversation about nitrogen!

Please follow CAN! for the latest updates and share with your networks.

INMS Component Lead Nominated for Prestigious Award

We would like to congratulate INMS Component 2 co-lead, Professor Wim de Vries, on his nomination for the prestgious 2020 Huibregtsen award for his work on “integral analyses of nitrogen effects for an effective policy”.

The judging committee selected six out of a total of 25 submitted research projects. They praised Wim's ‘outstanding work, through which he positions the Netherlands distinctively on the international stage'. Well done Wim!

Nitrogen Highlighted at UN75 Biodiversity Summit

H.E. Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the UN Biodiversity Summit

Sri Lanka continues to champion the nitrogen issue, highlighted by the recent statement of H.E. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, President of Sri Lanka, at the UN Biodiversity Summit. The statement was made on 30th September 2020. The President stated that "we as leaders, must better manage nitrogen, ensuring the sustenance of humankind".

It is really exciting to see engagement building in South Asia, one year on from the signing of the Colombo Declaration, which was supported by INMS and the UKRI GCRF South Asian Nitrogen Hub.

This event has also been highlighted in a recent Portfolio Bulletin Issue from IW:Learn (IW:LEARN is the Global Environment Facility's (GEF) International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network).

Just Enough Nitrogen

INI Kampala November 2013 Conference

So how much nitrogen do we really need? And in what forms do we need it? These questions were at the heart of the Sixth International Nitrogen Conference held in Kampala, Uganda in 2013. The event was the first time the International Nitrogen Initiative (INI) had held its triennial meeting in Africa, and questions about nitrogen insecurity were just as much to the fore as discussion about nitrogen excess and pollution.

It ultimately led to the volume launched in November “Just Enough Nitrogen”, where specially commissioned chapters on regional nitrogen assessments have been brought together with the main conference findings, with further analyses building on the work started during the Kampala conference.

For more insight into the Kampala conference, and the "Just Enough Nitrogen" publication, Professor Mark Sutton has written an insightful blog article featured on the INMS website.

First INMS Technical Report Released

In September, INMS released its first technical report, based on the work undertaken in Activity 1.5, 'Global-scale modelling of flows and impacts of nitrogen use: Modelling approaches, Linkages and Scenarios'.

In this report document, scientists from Activity 1.5 discuss the approach to a global integrated nitrogen assessment model chain allowing the evaluation of the consequences of different socio-economic drivers (scenarios) and N mitigation management in terms of: (i) benefits, including food, feed, fibre (wood) and energy production and (ii) threats, including pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions, affecting the quality of air, soil and water and related climate, human health and biodiversity impacts and (iii) cost- effectiveness.

Please share the report in your networks!

Progress in the development of the International Nitrogen Assessment & Call for Peer Reviewers and Additional Contributing Authors

A series of INA-1 sessions, held from 30th November to 10th December were a key milestone in the development and delivery of the 'International Nitrogen Assessment' (INA) - due to be launched in 2022. The INA will be the first global assessment undertaken for nitrogen, involving contributions from across the world, with specific engagement from the INMS Demonstration Activities. INA-1 focussed on sharing 'elaborated sub-headings' for each of the chapters, with presentations from Co-ordinating Lead Authors, followed by discussion with sessions led by the INA Editors.

The next steps of the INA will be delivered through a series of meetings in 2021. These will ensure engagement between the chapters, parts and whole publication, as well as between authors, contributors and members of the wider INMS partnership, including the UNEP 'Nitrogen Working Group'. Current versions of the chapters, have been posted on a secure page of the INMS website, please get in touch, if you would like access to this page.

As a way to promote inclusivity, openness and shared expertise as the INA is developed, we are hereby inviting nominations for Peer Reviewers and Additional Contributing Authors for the INA. More information, and the webform to apply, can be found here, which also includes a link to the updated timeline, following discussions at INA-1. The deadline for applications is 21st January 2021 at 10:00 AM GMT. We highly encourage all qualified colleagues from our diverse communities to apply for these roles.

International Climate Protection Fellowships

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has opened applications for International Climate Protection Fellowships. These grants are for up to 15 prospective leaders and up to five to postdoctoral researchers from non-European transition or developing countries, who are active in any of the following areas: scientific, engineering-based, legal, economic, health-related or social aspects of climate change.

The deadline for applications is March 1st 2021.

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