Bluejayville By.Kaylee,Dakota,Pringles

Laws 1. Don't go outside of your community. 2. Everyone 16 t0 60 has to have a job. 3.Everyone must walk everywhere. 4.If you see someone in need you help them. 5. You must go to school Ages 5 to 20. 6. Food must be healthy it will be the vegitables & fruit.7. Everyone must wear assigned community uniform. 8. Food must be provided but you can't get more than they give you.9.Never be rude to people in your community.1o.Never lie
This is one of our communities Section 1A

Our communities have live in townhouses and it is very crowded and this community is for the troublemakers and you break the law 5 times you go here.

THis is our second communities Section 2B

Our communities have separate houses and it wasn't very crowded this is the community for the people who make more of a differenterns

this is our third communities they next to each other. Section 3C

This community people live in individual family dwellings and it is very crowded


This is education is where you learn to get good grades and you get good grades by reading books and studying.


The mother and father control the house and they can only have 5 kids and it is regulated and yes each family live in the same dwelling because they have to care for their kids if they don't live in the same dwelling then you can't take care of their kids.


Yes we have money our money is called squirtles


The job name is running for president Vote for the new president the uniforms will be black and white with a red tie.


This is the transportation they have to ride to get to work and back .


The climate is tropical yes the seasons change there are not animals in this community this community has pets you can only have a dog and a cat as pets if you get a pet like a lizard you have to take it back and let it be released into the wild.

This is our flag the bird represents the Bluejay



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