Cooking in Ms. Chaaban's class Allison Baker And ziyah stanley

Culinary teacher Bahija Chaaban holds a cooking lab where students will make spaghetti with breadsticks on April 1, during third period in her classroom so students can improve their cooking skills and get more hands-on with their learning.

“On the days we cook it is a lot of work and stressful but fun.” freshman Sabrina Simone said. “Ms. Chaaban makes sure to help us along the way so we can all cook without getting lost.”

The students watch a video with the instructions on how to make the food and they then cook, each of them doing different parts of it so they can finish in the time frame.

“We don’t cook a lot but it is always a challenge when we do,” freshman Sarah Cillo said. “There is a lot to do with not a lot of time so we are all having to pitch in and do our own things. In the end though all of our different parts come together and there is a meal.”

Freshman Sarah Cillo washes a pot in Bahija Chabaan’s third period class. She washes the pot so that she can boil water in it for her spaghetti.
Freshman Alex Elied minces his garlic in Bahija Chaaban’s third period class. He minces it so that he can add them to his tomato sauce.
Bahija Chaaban helps freshman Adrianna Mohr as she dices onions in her third period class. She is instructing her on how to cut the onions properly.
During third period, Sarah Cillo and Amanda Parente cut their dough to make bread along with their spaghetti. They haven’t yet decided what kind of bread they will make. “I don’t know what we’re going to do with the dough,” Freshman Sarah Cillo said. “We’re probably going to make garlic knots.”
Freshmen Kira Ambrose, Caleb Butler, and Diego Rossy-Aponte work together to make their dish. They complete this recipe with teamwork.
Freshman Amanda Parente applies butter to her rolls in Bahija Chaaban’s third period class. She does this to finish her meal.
Freshmen Samari Bush and Melanie Nova plate their spaghetti near the end of Bahija Chaaban’s third period class. They are the last people to plate their food.