Turtles By: Blake.P

Did you know that sea turtles used to live on land? Well in this report you will learn more interesting things about the turtles of the world!

You may have wondered, “What is in a turtle?” Well, one thing is that its lungs are built in the shell, which is why it is not like a crab where it can move from shell to shell. You might also be interested to know that the top of the shell is called the CARAPACE, and the bottom of the shell is called the PLANTRON. Not all turtles have teeth, so how do they bite? Well, they have a strong jaw and a bony, damp mouth, so their mouth will dig into the food and the water will soften it. Then, it uses its strong jaw and bony mouth to chew it down. When the head of a turtle goes into the shell, it makes an S shape so it can fit in the shell.

Caring for a turtle is easy. You will need a filter to keep its tank clean, and a heat and light lamp to keep your turtle warm. Feeding your turtle is not hard, either. All you have to do is feed it once or twice a day. Its tank will get messy, so change its water every week. Have fun holding your turtle, but wash your hands after holding it, because they can carry diseases.

Turtle Tank

Did you know that tortoises live in holes that other animals built? Well, in this paragraph you will learn more cool facts about turtles of the world. Did you know turtles can hold their breath for hours? They have lungs. There are 2 different types of turtles.

There is a freshwater turtle and a land turtle. The cool thing is a sea turtle is in the land group because they used to live on land. Sea turtles are almost extinct because a mom lays about 30-35 eggs, but approximately 20 eggs don't hatch, and then on the walk to the ocean, about 10 will get eaten or hurt, so only about 5 of the 30 come back to lay eggs.

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