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We researched how we use media. We all know we use it more than ever, but how? The average US Adult spends 338 minutes using their phone, laptop, tablet or other connected smart device. Thats at an all-time high. These minutes can also overlap, which we're sure you've experienced - surfing the web on your phone while you watch TV, or listening to the radio over your connected device. Our goal is to harness these platforms so our clients have the best and most successful digital advertising campaigns possible.



Right. So that information up there is helpful, but it's not us necessarily, it's all of America. We're a different sort of market, and we're proud of who we are! Casper businesses deserve Casper strategies. We figured those out too.


The above chart shows information we gathered from a survey in 2014. This shows the amount of people in our city that use these platforms.

We're all connected throughout the day. It's just how we live now. How do we best reach potential customers at the best times?


Each advertising method has its pros and cons. The above chart shows whats possible across different platforms, and media strategies. Each of these advertising methods is valuable, but with the advances in technology and the accessibility of the internet, digital is surpassing other media at a growing rate. By taking full advantage of Adbay's digital marketing strategies, you'll see a higher return on investment from embracing digital media.


Strategic targeting is one of the many reasons digital advertising is so successful. We are able to highlight your customer base, potential buyers, and the audience that fits your product, and show your ads only to them. This ensures that the people most likely to engage with your ad, products and services are the ones that will see your ads.



Engage plans are designed to help Wyoming Companies leverage the world's most effective digital platforms.

ENGAGE is everything you'd expect from an Adbay-designed solution.


We start by offering you a personal consultation so we can discuss the goals you want to accomplish in your advertising. Then, we put together a customized strategic plan that outlines how we want to set up your campaign to achieve the optimal results. This plan includes targeting strategies, audiences, geographic targeting ideas, websites we want to place your ad on, as well as some previews of competing ads in your market. After every 30 days of your campaign, you'll receive a campaign summary outlining how your ad is performing and who is seeing it.


We're pretty proud of our amazing Art and Design team. They will have a hand in making sure your ads are top-notch quality from the ground up. We design your campaign to be born on a digital platform- this means we won't be taking an ad for another media and converting it to your digital campaign (because that doesnt always work). We want your campaign to be successful, and we ensure you reach your goals by creating ads that are built for great web presence and include motion to ensure the highest visibility.


We're proud to have Google Adwords Certified employees on our staff. After lots of tests to earn this certification, we regularly check in with representatives from Google to ensure that our campaigns are utilizing the products and services through all the Google platforms as best as possible.

We have a full-time employee that is dedicated to monitoring your campaign daily. This means we make adjustments to achieve your goals, we make sure that your ad is serving in the correct places (and not serving on places you don't want it showing up). By making these small, daily adjustments, we can customize the targeting of your ads with more attention than anywhere else.


Adbay's ENGAGE plans offer impressions for about 1/2 of 1 cent each.

So, Why Adbay? Why ENGAGE?

Who is using ENGAGE?

KnowWyo We're able to track that more than 10% of all program utilization comes as a result of these ads.

Stubson for Congress Mr. Stubson is using this program to maintain top of mind awareness during his time in State Session while he can't be out campaigning.

Visit Casper Uses digital ads to promote upcoming events and drive registrations.

Where will your ads appear?

Each week, there are more than 3.5 million ad impressions served in the Casper area alone. A better question to ask might be, "Where won't they appear?"

This is a breakdown of how Casper views ads on different online platforms.
These are the top visited sites and apps in the Casper market. Your ads can appear on these sites and in these apps!

What can an ENGAGE plan do for you?

There are multiple ways to use digital marketing- these are just a few. When you choose to participate in an ENGAGE Plan, we will establish the goals that are right for your business in our first consultation meeting.

Want to learn more?

Contact Todd Titus and we'll begin crafting your customized digital marketing plan thats fitted to suit and meet your needs.

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