EDI 726 Reflection By: Rachael Brown


I learned about the various types of word study or writing programs that schools use across the country. It was interesting to hear pros and cons of all the programs. It is always good to hear what is out there, especially if your school is considering adopting the program!

Learning Theories

In order to be an effective reading teacher, it is important to have an understanding of the various learning theories that children possess. As a teacher, I want to create a community of learners where they feel safe to take risks and try something new. Creating this type of classroom will allow all students to feel successful.

Guided Reading & Reading Workshop

Guided Reading: Throughout this course and through the text readings and videos, I was able to visualize the important components of a guided reading block. It was interesting to see it in action for younger grades because I teach fifth grade.

Reading Workshop: I loved the video of the teacher who met with his class and taught them a strategy. Especially as a fifth grade teacher, I think it is really important to explicitly teach reading strategies and then give the children a chance to practice in their own reading time. The conferences he had with the kids was extremely valuable.

Book Orientation: All three book orientations helped me see the difference between a book orientation and just a book introduction or a picture walk. I even saw the AIS provider that I observed use a book orientation. It was cool to see it in action!

Reading and Writing Classroom

This text book was by far my favorite text book I have read in a long time! I loved how Leslie Blauman explicitly explains her routines, expectations, and lessons in her book. She brought her classroom to life for every reader and gave me many ideas to try for next year. This will be a textbook I read again over the summer. I related to her ideas because she teachers fourth grade and many of her ideas can be used in fifth as well. I am always looking for ways to motivate my fifth grade readers and I will be looking to create a book lovers book with my class next year! This will be great for them to see their growth and also use in conferences. I enjoyed the other reads and gained a lot from the articles and other books, but this was definitely my favorite!

Professional Development

I learned a lot about different programs and different technology to use in the classroom. I am in a school that has 1:1 technology so it was very useful to see the various apps and websites to use to enhance and support student learning! The handouts were great to keep and bring to my classroom so that I have a quick reference. There are many ways to motivate learners through technology!

Book Trailer

This assignment was not only fun to complete but fun to watch other videos! It gave me some great ideas for other reads to use in my classroom. Definitely keep this assignment!

Beyond the Blackboard

Beyond the Blackboard was a powerful read. I came away with a different view on education. Even on my worst day it doesn't even compare with what Stacy dealt with on a regular basis. I think every teacher should read this book to see how Stacy truly puts the needs of her students before her own. She inspired me to see my students differently and to really take the time to understand them as a person and get to know their story. Every child has a story and I am just a little part of it. What an honor!!

Closing Thoughts

I loved this class and the content. I know it is important to learn about younger learners but it was nice to have so many connections to 4th and 5th grade too! It was applicable and gave me great teaching strategies and ideas to use this year and next year. I already tried Leslie's format for conferences. I only did it once so far, but the kids loved it and I felt like the process held their attention and they knew I was trying to get to several students. Thank you for a wonderful class Kathy!! I hope you have a wonderful summer!!


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