Islam Vicky Mietus


City of Mecca
  • The founder of the religion Islam was Muhammad in A.D. 610. It spread in Asia, parts of India, China and Africa. They believed God created nature and without his intervention there would be nothingness. In began in the Holy City of Mecca in modern day Saudi Arabia.

Major Beliefs

  • One God - Allah
  • Salah- a prayer said five times a day
  • Zakat- a tax paid to help the poor or the ones in need
  • Holy Book - Quran (sacred text of Islam)

Sects of Religion

  • There are two main branches, The Sunni and The Shia. The Shia believed that the rulers should descend from Muhammad. The Sunni believed that the rulers need only be followers of Muhammad. Most Muslims are Sunni.

Holiday / Celebrations

  • Ramadan- a monthly celebration commemorating the time during which Muhammad received the Quran from Allah. All Muslims fast the whole month during daylight hours.


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