CU 1010 Journal Spring 2017

1/31/17 What time management strategies did you use last semester? How well did they work?

Find a dedicate place to study is going to be the key for me to succeed in my classes. I have found a quiet room in brackett and utilize the library. Review lecture notes just after class.The focusing on the first 24 hours to review and study. Forgetting is greatest within 24 hours without review!Last semester, I did not use a planner or agenda to help me organize and plan for events. I just remember things off the top of my head. I honestly believe that led to my failure in Econ 2120. Also, I did not spend enough time studying for classes that I need to study. I would waste my time on senseless items and things that did not have importance.

2/9/2017 Procrastination occurs usually when we're not comfortable. Reflect on what makes you uncomfortable, how procrastination has impacted your life, and what and why you prefer process over product.

Test and last minute essays makes me very uncomfortable. Being unprepared for items makes me very uncomfortable. Basically its the stress of performing well. Procrastination has impacted my life in a negative way by getting bad grades on essays or even test. I should learn to embrace scheduling, organizing, and planning for tests or essays. Having a built plan for studying, priming.

2/28/17 Fill out Professor Felder’s checklist in Chapter 17 of your book, then discuss what changes you might make in your test preparation based on your responses.

Take good notes about as your teacher tells you what will be on the test.Organize your notes, texts, and assignments according to what will be on the test.Estimate the hours you'll need to review materials.Draw up a schedule that blocks units of time and material Test yourself on the material. Finish your studying the day before the exam. Work with my classmates on homework problems or to go over test problems with my classmates. This can help me with understanding the test questions a little bit better. Also, help me with my test preparation. Before then I would not work with other classmates or reach out to classmates to get help before a test.


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