The Old Lovers' Song La Chanson des vieux Amants - Jacques Brel

Of course, we had storms

Twenty years of love, it's mad love

A thousand times, you took your luggage

A thousand times, I left the nest

And each piece of furniture remembers

In this cradleless bedroom

The old storms' fits

Nothing looked like anything

You had lost your liking for water

And I had lost mine for seduction

But my love

My sweet, my tender, my wonderful love

From the clear dawn until the end of the day

I love you still, you know,

I love you

I, I know all your spells

You know all my charms

You kept me from trap to trap

I lost you from time to time

Of course, you took a few lovers

Time had to be spent

The body just has to exult

In the end, in the end

It took us much talent

To be old without being adults

And the more time goes along with us

And the more time torments us

But is it not the worst trap

To live peacefully for lovers

Of course, you cry a little less early

I go off the deep end a little later

We protect less our mysteries

We let less chance do

We are wary of the waterflow

But it is still loving war


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