Edmond Dantes: A Byronic Hero William Bove PERIOD 3

Edmond Dantes, who is also known as the Count of Monte Cristo, is troubled, betrayed, manipulative, and intelligent. All of these traits are of a Byronic hero.

In this project, I will state how and why Edmond Dantes is a Byronic hero.

Troubled and Tramatized

Dantes comes from a very troubled past. He was hated by his enemy Danglars and envied by Fernand Mondego. As a cost of these two men, he was put in prison for 14 years. "The thought that death brings release from suffering led him to the idea of suicide" (Dumas 42). While in prison, Edmond contemplates the idea of killing himself. Right hen he decides, he learns of a prisoner who has the plans to escape. After prison he finds out that his father has died of starvation and his fiance gets married to his foe, Fernand."Oh Mercedes, I've spoken your name with sighs of melancholy, shrieks of pain, with groans of despair" (Dumas 377). When meeting Mercedes for the first time after prison as Edmond Dantes, he tells her of his suffering and traumatic experience in prison without her.


Dantes is intelligent in many ways. He was able to escape the Chateau D'If, (the prison he was held in). He was able to escape by placing himself in Abbe Faria's body bag. Faria was placed in his bed. After escaping, he had time to plan how to take down all of his enemies. "For a year they worked, during which time Faria continued to educate Dantes as the work went on", (Dumas 60). He eventually succeed in his plan.

Chateau D'if
Chateau D'if


Edmond Dantes is very manipulative. He plans scenarios were he plays Danglars or Villefort. He does this by putting himself in disguises such as Abbe Busoni, Sinbad the Sailor, Lord Wilmore, and obviously the Count of Monte Cristo. Using his alter egos, he makes Danglars lose his money, make Mercedes leave Fernand, and made Villefort go insane. When that ghost finally came out of his grave, God placed the mask of the Count of Monte Cristo and covered it with gold and diamonds..." (Dumas 485).Dantes used many disguises to fool and tremble his enemies to get revenge.Using these secret identities, his true identity is not given away.

Perfect Flaws

Edmond Dantes has many perfect flaws that you can use to conclude that he is a Byronic hero. Byronic heroes are to be portrayed as a human in a fictional world. Dantes, just like a hero, beats his nemeses. Dantes also feels regret and sadness after completing is revenge. He is also flawed for forgiving his foe, Danglars for everything he did,

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