Adobe Generation Professional Digital Video Course

My Learning Journal

Assignment #1
  1. Create a 15 second vacation commercial with a logo at the end.
  2. Create a digital learning journal using Adobe Spark Page.
  3. Share your video on Vimeo.
  4. Share your Vimeo and Page links on the Adobe Education Exchange.
  5. Watch, rate, and respond to 3 other videos.


I was mindful about how I approach learning in the AGP course platform. (This is my 6th course, I believe.)

  1. I found that I prefer to view all the information when it is first available.
  2. Then, I let the content and my ideas marinate.
  3. Next, I view all the information a second time. During this second read, I take notes.
  4. Marinate.
  5. Begin planning project.
  6. Begin collecting assets.
  7. Put my notes to work creating my project.


  1. Deciding on what to video for this particular assignment. While I have tons of photos, I realized that I take very little video. Therefore, I used videos from
  2. On my final video, I notice a slight glitch that may be a "ripple" issue? Attempted to fix. Suggestions welcome! (Thanks to Kev, I fixed it! However, he also pointed out that my clip sizes varied - I had things magnified too much on my end and didn't notice that the output did not look the same. I fixed that, too. Now the only thing I want to tweak is the logo size. It needs to be a bit larger, but my intuitive attempts have not worked.)
  3. Third time is a charm! I fixed it and updated my Vimeo and Page links again. You can see all 3 of my learning progression videos on Vimeo.


  1. Overall, simply thrilled with the quality of product that can be made by a newbie!
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Jeni Kocher Zerphy


Photo credit:  Jeni Kocher Zerphy

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