Penguins BY: Kat

What are penguins?

How many birds you know and can’t fly? 1,2,3? I will tell you the best. It’s a Penguin!!! Penguins don’t use their wing to fly. They use it for swimming. Did you know Penguins’ fur is waterproof? Waterproof means when you get into the water, it will not get wet. Penguins do have that. Many kinds of Penguins have different things. Some are small, but some are even bigger than adult humans.

What makes penguins so special?

The most place Penguins are found is in Antarctica. This means they like living in the cold. Many Penguins are found in a cold places that have snow. Do you know how tall is a Penguin? They can be as small as two feet, or as big as six feet. They weigh from 2 to 8 pounds. Male penguins are larger than female penguins.

How are Penguins in trouble?

Penguins are in trouble because people are making oil spills which is the biggest threat to penguins. Also people cut they skin to make clothes. Penguins have an ice cap, it is the penguin’s home. When the ice cap melts, the Penguin's home as been destroyed. Also the penguins are left out, with nowhere to live. That’s the sad thing about a penguin. People also kill Penguins to make some cloths.


Created with images by Christopher.Michel - "Penguin Parents" • Christopher.Michel - "Gentoo Penguin Baby"

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