Recognizing the Women of Inspiration at Curry College As Women's History Month comes to a close, the Curry Community recognizes, celebrates, and appreciates the many women whom have made an impact on our campus.

Katharine Garret Eastman | Levin Library

Katherine is brave, witty and a very authentic soul-- she has taught me what true courage is all about.

Teresa Robinson | Athletics

Teresa is a long-standing member of the Athletics Staff and is a great roll model for women working in an otherwise male dominated field. She blends great personality and can-do attitude with poise and strong will.

Dr. Jennifer Balboni | Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Dr. Jen Balboni is a remarkable caring human. She is a passionate educator, and her students learn not only a subject matter when in her class, but they also learn about empathy, being a good listener and how important it is to lean in every once in a while.

Dr. Sarah Augusto | Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Sarah is one of the strongest, fiercest champions for social justice on campus. She has an unshakeable commitment to doing the right thing, and a seemingly endless supply of energy to pursue it. She is also a brilliant teacher and colleague, and an excellent friend.

Dr. Amanda Kennedy | Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Amanda has been so encouraging. She listens to ideas and encourages people to put them into action. Amanda values inputs and ideas which everyone should be so grateful for.

Sonise Dorce ’24 | Criminal Justice Major, RISE UP Mentee

Sonise is caring, motherly, and an amazing role model. She inspires people to be comfortable with who they are, and it helps them to gain so much confidence.

Chenda Kaplan ’23 | Sociology Major

Chenda is a great person and a great friend. She puts her friends above herself and is always there. She does so much for others and is always trying to put a smile on your face. She has inspired people in so many ways. She is such a selfless person.

Rachel King | Office of Human Resources

Rachel is one of the most welcoming and inspiring people that I've met since coming to Curry. She is approachable and everyone should meet her in person. She is an amazing human and a fighter of equality, diversity and accountability.

Dr. Melissa Anyiwho | Politics and History

Dr. Anyiwo is a passionate educator and a spirited champion of diversity and compassion.

Jeannette Buntin | Office of Student Engagement and Diversity & Inclusion

Jeannette goes above and beyond for the Curry community. She is a warm and loving presence on this campus and she truly cares about everyone's well-being. She so often puts others before herself and people don't understand how much she does for this community.

Dr. Marie Turner | Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Professor Turner is very inspirational and overall a great woman and teacher! She devotes so much time and energy to teaching her students and guiding them through uncertainty in class material and in life. She truly cares for and wants the best for every one of us.

Maryellen Kiley | Office of Student Affairs

Maryellen has led the charge and has worked endlessly to keep our campus safe during the COVID pandemic. It's never surprising how she can always find a way to make lemonade with whatever she is handed.

Monique Magras ’21 | Psychology Major, President of Collision Dynasty, RISE UP Mentor, Clubs & Organizations Assistant in Office of Student Affairs

Monique is the best! From her many accomplishments on campus to her go-getter attitude - she has definitely and always keeps people inspired!

Devon Corbett | Office of Student Engagement

Devon is an amazing young professional who always seems to take things in stride. She has a presence that instantly makes those around her feel calmer and happier. Students, staff, and faculty alike have mutually commented on her strong work ethic and commitment to ensuring that students at Curry are exposed to well-balanced offerings of programs that make them feel supported, engaged, educated, and connected.

Bettie Kilcoyne | Office of Student Affairs

Bettie is the glue that holds the student engagement team together. She is a trusted resource for many staff and faculty and a confidant to many students on some of their best and worst days. She is a "listener", and during these past few months she has been the person that many have turned to. We salute you Bettie!

Hannah Jordan ’24 | Business Administration Major, RISE UP Mentee

Even as a mentee, Hannah pushes her mentors to do better. She is always checking up on others to make sure they are okay. She has a true heart of gold.

Dr. Ann Marie Leonard-Zabel | Department of Psychology

Dr. Leonard-Zabel cares about her student’s wellbeing and she puts her effort into knowing her student’s feelings on topics before speaking about it. She gives real-life scenarios to help students. She is caring and motivational!

Ashley Woodman | Counseling Center

Ashley doesn't get enough credit for how hard she works. She is a kindhearted person and is extremely caring. She puts others first and is such a sweet person. Ashley cares for the students of Curry and for the Curry Community as a whole.

Dr. Jessica Fry | Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Dr. Fry is a great professor and always makes sure she is doing everything she can for her students to be as successful as possible. She inspires students to be more comfortable answering questions in class. She shows the women in her classes that being a woman in STEM or anywhere else is awesome and we should be proud of it.

Kenzie Vieira ’23 | Intern for Wellness Education & Student Engagement, Vice President for SEE

Kenzie is a true inspiration. She has such a joyful presence and uses her talents to better the Curry community through programs and education within her internship. She is always looking to praise and support others in any way she can.

Maria Droganova | Department of Business

She is an exemplary woman and inspires each of her students every day.

Julie “Jools” Pemberton | Sodexo

Jools is the friendly face that most see every day when swiping in the Marketplace. She prides herself on building meaningful relationships with students; she knows many by name and occasionally will have a birthday cupcake ready to celebrate a student's milestone!

Yara DeSousa | Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Since the first day that Yara came to Curry, she has been a friend, colleague, and a true diversity champion. She is committed to her craft and always eager to learn and teach. She is an advocate for her students and a collaborative soul. She leads by example and is a warm and caring presence on this campus.

Nancy Strazik | Office of Student Affairs

If you ever need anything- Nancy is always there to support you. She often leads and inspires behind the scenes but it's people like her that make this campus a community!

Stacy Dasuta, Christeen Strachan, Eulalie Adado | Sodexo

It’s an honor to work with Chefs such as Christeen, Eulalie, and Stacy. Not only are they amazing cooks but they provide a level of pride and professionalism in this kitchen that’s hard to find even in the finest restaurants downtown. I think you’d find it hard pressed, even in today’s world, to find a kitchen with not one, but two female Sous Chefs. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.