Is it Possible for Everyone to be Led into Temptation & do the Unthinkable? Trinity Bobbitt

There is a constant question that either everyone has either asked, or thought of. "Why do people do bad things?" " What makes them Tempted to do something so evil?" There are several different "reasons" why people do the unthinkable.

It's possible for people to do the unthinkable because of access. People these days can accomplish horrible crimes, and not get caught for a while. Unthinkable acts have became part of our daily news... that is quite sad.

In my opinion it is possible for someone to commit a crime, or do something that is totally bogus. Everyone is capable of doing bad things, I think it just depends on who they hang around, how they were raised, and they mental state. I think it also can have to do with Temptation, influence, and peer pressure. Some people commit the unthinkable because, of mental illness, or different emotions that play with; which can also include anger, love, and greed. Doing unthinkable acts doesn't necessarily have to happen over the course of days, it can happen over the course of years. Ex. Different friends/surroundings.

Complicated Topic?

This topic is so complicated because, it's causing problems. Some people are highly opinionated and say it depends on the person. Another person will say that it is caused by pure "inheritance".

Timely Topic?

This topic is not so timely because these "unthinkable" actions are killing people. How is that not a problem? As time goes on people change, and when people change their minds, they can go to the unthinkable.

Why should We all Care?

People should care because this happens all the time. These acts of evil are killing/murdering our nation in itself. If it doesn't stop generations after generations can over take the same problem that is hurting us all.

Claim One

Peer Pressure is a huge indication of unthinkable acts. It is defined as an influence on people, or an individual who gets encouraged to follow their peers by changing their attitudes/actions. This can be in a negative way. Telling someone to join in a killing, and if they don't they will be killed along with the other person. That is called negative peer pressure.

Murderers Of Shanda Sharer

One gruesome and terrible day 12 year old Shanda Sharer was brutally beaten, and murdered. Los Angels Times News Article named it ""Thinking the Unthinakble: What led 4 teens to torture, and murder a child?" A lesbian love triangle had caused all of it. "... bludegeoned with a tire tool, and tortured for hours..." Shanda Sharer in the back of a car layered cold, and scared. "What would explain the involvement of the two younger girls, Toni Lawrence, and Hope A. Ripped," "... experts said it could be attributed to things,as simple, as peer pressure, and the thirst teens have for acceptance..." " The next morning the four agreed over breakfast that if they remained silent, no one could link them to the killing..." "Thise girls were not born killers," Vaught said. " Someting made them capable of this." This is the last thing she responded with. What do you think?

State of Mind

Changing state of mind can be a huge indication on committing unthinkable acts. Whether it's peers, people, speeches, phrases,etc. In the book "Night" evil played a big role in the Nazi/Holocaust time. Nazi's had taken so many people's lives and had committed he "unthinkable." One of the SS officers in the book helped Ellie out so he could pass onto the next "stage/level." "Hey kid how old are you?" the guard asked. "Fifteen." I replied. "No your eighteen." He said. "Fool listen to what I say!" He yelled. The days after that the SS officer had been cruel, and disgustingly mean. "You sons of bitches. Don't you understand anything? You will be burned!" "Shot!" The next thing he did was shoot someone. He did this because, that person fell out of formation. He did the unthinkable, and explained the unthinkable.

Held Hostage / Bad conditions

In the experiment The Lucifer Effect evil acts of the unthinkable are very common. Guards torturing, beating, and yelling at innocent people who took part in the experiment. "...up against the wall!" "You're crying about being put in that closet for a few hours?" "Let me straighten you out,white boy..." These guards in the experiment had been told to the act with authority. They had taken this as an evil way to tell people what to do while they had been acting as prisoners. This is a huge example of an unthinkable act.

Another opinion from the same source had said "...not all people are born evil, and so how can that effect the intentions of evil?" Norman Railer had also said, "...having spent a lifetime studying truly bad people... London mass murderer Dennis Nielsen... I came to know him well..." "...he had made a mistake in human nature ." This is not just a mistake; this is alarming to know that he thinks this was just a mistake. It is a problem that probably will never be solved.

What some others say is that not all people can commit evil, and unthinkable acts. Evil acts don't make you evil. Some people call it a bad decision that happened at a bad time. According to the article at the Telegraph (U.K) website says "...not all people who inherit evil, are evil." Then what it is it? An unfortunate misktake? That sounds like a horrible, and sorry excuse?

In Conclusion

GOne final statement arguing for your topic. Summarize main points. Leave reader wanting more.

All people are capable of evil. They can be born evil. Evil=sin. We are born sinful. We are capable of murder, horrible tragic incidents in history, and terrifying experiments. We are to blame for all of this. As "we" I mean nobody is doing anything to stop this. Not all people. Don't get me wrong some people are trying to change the ways, and evil in the world, but not all together. We need to unite to fix this problem. Peer pressure, and influences have/play such a big role, and we need to continue to build up, and not break down, and not create horrible evil acts of unthinkable things.


-page 30. Of "Night" book

- page 68. Of The Lucifer Effect book



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