Santiago 2026 FiFA World Cup city

This city is highly urbanized, and is a FREE COUNTRY which is a plus!!
This city has the infrastructure to easily support the World Cup in 2026, unlike Havana, Caracas, and Buenos Aires!!
There are plenty of CLEAN, SPACIOUS, and COMFORTABLE places for guests and their families to stay, unlike Mexico City which has HARMFUL SMOG ISSUES!!
And, there plenty of other things to do if you are not just there for the World Cup!!
To wrap it up and make it sound even better, you DO NOT have to worry about safety for yourself, or your children, because they HAVE NOT had any trouble lately, unlike Venezuela!!!


Created with images by sarahstierch - "Santiago, Chile" • Cristián C.M. - "World Trade Center" • troita_<>< - "Rojeces. Santiago. Chile" • fahrenheit75 - "Santiago buildings" • PatricioHurtado - "clouds sunset palm tree" • Leon F. Cabeiro - "Down In The Tube Station At Midnight" • loestamosgrabando - "Autopista Central desde Puente Huerfanos" • - "torre de babel en santiago" • daniel0685 - "Bernabéu Tour (1)" • tercerpisorta0 - "waterfront mall mechanic stairs" • Fresco Tours - "October 2016, Camino de Santiago Tour #frescotours" • Hotel Gastronomico Casa Rosalia - "Habitación Doble Hotel Casa Rosalia" • Fresco Tours - "October 2016, Camino de Santiago Tour #frescotours" • Doug Scortegagna - "Blue like Heaven" • JLH PHOTO - "glaciardebubesin" • dagpeak - "Paine Reflected 1" • Doug Scortegagna - "Las Torres" • Doug Scortegagna - "Torres del Paine and fog" • Doug Scortegagna - "Colorful Patagonia" • Doug Scortegagna - "Las Torres del Paine" • Public_Domain_Photography - "chile chilean nation"

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