'did that really just happen to me?' Laura's story

Laura was diagnosed 19 weeks into her first pregnancy.

In Laura's case the pregnancy had contributed in masking her symptoms of cancer. She was diagnosed with a Molar pregnancy (where a lump of abnormal cells had grown inside the womb instead of a healthy foetus). This is her story…

'Prior to my 12 week scan, the nausea, aversions to food and severe sickness made me think that I could be suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum and I went along with the general view that morning sickness comes as part and parcel of pregnancy, so I really didn’t think too much of it. A few days before my 12 week scan I was extremely sick all day and couldn't leave my house. There was a slight niggle in the back of my mind that this might not be normal, but with my scan a few days later I decided that I would query it when I was there. I had also developed very tiny pimples all over my chest. I think this may have been a reaction to the high hormone level because once my levels started to lower these disappeared.

I was diagnosed with a Complete Molar Pregnancy and unfortunately it was not going away on its own. A lump of abnormal cells had grown inside the womb instead of a healthy foetus. Initially, I was very positive. I was thinking very rationally and was very reassured that it was 100% curative. I had treatment, but unfortunately, as my hormone levels began to rise again I struggled with my emotions and began to suffer from anxiety which was beginning to take a hold and I took medication to help. I just couldn’t believe how unlucky I had been.

I know that I am very lucky to have an extremely supportive network of family and friends. For me, work was my normality and a huge part of helping me get through the difficult times. I worked part time hours, but having a routine and something to get up for really helped.

Mummy's Star makes such a difference because you don't feel so alone during such an awful time. I was also eligible for a grant from Mummy’s Star which I was very grateful for too. I was lucky that I felt well enough to carry on working during my illness and treatment, but this grant went towards car hire, meals, parking and so it was a big help.

If I’m completely honest I simply can’t believe the events of last year. I do have moments where it just pops into my mind and it seems like someone else’s life. Did that really happen to me? I am thankful to think that way and not dwell on the situation. Yes, I still worry over whether we will be lucky enough to start a family and what if I might relapse (the wait for results never gets any easier!), but I’m trying to remain as positive as I can. I’m writing 2017 off as a bad year, putting it behind me and trying to move forward with my life.

The things I used to take for granted I truly relish now.'

Laura x

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