The internal monologue

DEFINITION : Reproduction Technique of the thoughts of a character in a work of fiction to which the narrator expresses what the character thinks entrusting him with the expression responsibility.

Explanation and examples : The internal monologue is a form of reproduction of thought that blends with the words of the narrator or other techniques to reproduce the words and the thoughts of a fictional character.

The internal monologue so is a technique (typical of the experimental or modernist novel) to represent the inner world of a character, destroying the logical order and conventional syntax of the sentence.

The interior monologue is a technique frequently used by Italo Svevo, especially in La coscienza di Zeno, where the mechanism reveals hypocrisies of the protagonist, Zeno Cosini.

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Asja Ferraresi Luppi, Teo Meloni, Raffaele Merighi.

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