Baseball Game By Yusuf ali and Jonathan Shorey

  • Baseball Game
  • Baseball Field
  • Baseball Game
  • Hosted by Northern Athletics
  • Game starts at 7:30 PM, ends at 10:00 PM
  • Located at the baseball field, at the Northern Burlington High School
  • Tickets cost $8-12.
  • Financial risk: not enough people show up, lawsuit due to personal injury, loss of money from hosts. Controllable, probability of 2.
  • Human risk: fights, people running onto the field, could get hit by ball, results in personal injury and possible lawsuit. Controllable, probability of 1.
  • Natural risk: dangerous/unsuitable weather, like rain, snow, or ice on the field. Uncontrollable, probability of 2-3, depending on time during season.
  • Financial risks managed by selling concessions, or by having other games.
  • Human risks managed by having added security or the police watching over the game and spectators.
  • Natural risks managed by having a scheduled rain date.


Created with images by Giåm - "2013-01-22" • Ed Bierman - "Miller Park, Home of the Brewers" • Stacey Huggins - "Rangers at Orioles" • terren in Virginia - "Stadium Brawl"

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