Kenya By coLe Evans

Kenyas location is in the northern, southern,and Eastern hemisphere and its in Africa the bordering countries are Somalia,Ethiopia,tanza,Uganda.the capital city is Nairobi the coordinates are 1 and 36.

Kenya's city is Nairobi. There are 48,424,873 people in Kenya.

Kenya is in the tropical zone its between the tropic of Capricorn and tropic of cancor

Kenya has mostly grasslands
and a little bit of mountains but the mountains in Kenya are ethir really big or super small.

There are 45.3 billion people in Kenya the world rank is 31 st. Kenya's population density is 205 people/mi world ranked 127 th. Kenya's population is growing fast with an average of 2.75 people every year

The largest city's in Kenya are Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, eldoret, and kisumu

People are leaving Kenya the population data shows that - 0.22 people leave each year

My country is more on the urban than rural

Kenya is not devaloped because it's GDP per capita is 1,800 USA dollars when the average is 30,000 or more and the life expectancy is 63.52 when the average is 78 yrs or older and the literacy rate is 87.4 when the average is 99% kenya is below all the averages for being a devaloped country so accourding to the data Kenya is still an developing country.

Kenya has two main languages English and Kiswahili

Kenyas main religion is Christian 82.5% are Christian

In Kenya they have so many dances the one they do most is to keep bad spirits away they other is to celebrate

Kenya is known for there track and field also long distance racers but people play a bunch of different types of sports like football, soccer, handball, netball, baseball/softball and many more


Geogerphy alive textbook, the wolfram geography app, the world hd


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