Yellowstone in Spring 2021 Trip Report - Tom Bol Photo Workshops

The Lamar Valley in Spring is an irresistible destination for wildlife photography. The bison herds gather to drop their young and these "red dogs" put on quite a show, running, leaping and napping for all to see.

This year both workshops were treated to multiple wolf sighting and an impressive photo opportunity on a bison kill at the Madison River.

Madison River wolf
Gloria getting creative at Gibbon Falls on the west side of the park
Both workshops had black bear sightings heading to Tower Junction
Dave and Charlie working on flight shots of tree swallows

Geyser basins on the westside provided colorful landscape opportunities in between our wildlife shooting.

Joan getting the low perspective at Grand Prismatic
Bright orange bacterial mats at Midway Geyser Basin
Dave capturing the subtle colors at Porcelain Basin

Traffic jams take on a whole new meaning in Yellowstone. Several times on each workshop, we rolled down the windows and watched the traffic stream by.....

The lingering snow fields of Hayden Valley and the Harlequin ducks at Le Hardy provided a change of scenery and species on our last day.

Getting eye level with the Harlequins
Harlequin duck navigating the LeHardy Rapids
The iconic landscape of Yellowstone Falls

As the ice broke up on Yellowstone Lake a dark storm cell blew in to create a dramatic landscape for our final evening session.

Nancy using her polarizer to bring out vivd colors
Five minute exposure with a Singh Ray 10 stop ND filter
A snowy owl sighting on the ice flow?!

Thanks to everyone who joined us in Yellowstone this spring!

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