Minutes 1.30 Secretary, Regan Cobb

Convocation given by Senator Crosland.

Roll taken by Secretary

Conor Kolstad

  • Total Revenue: $5,096
  • External Activities: $1,089
  • Office and Miscellaneous: $361
  • MM: What does the Wufoo subscription end?
  • CK: End of this year.
  • AC: Can I get a copy?
  • CK: Yes.

Forrest Hemphill

  • Treasurer
  • Funding for Student Organizations
  • Committee of 12-15 students
  • Responsible for hearing and allocation of the student activity fee funds
  • Operational (maximum of $200) vs. Non-Operational (unlimited amount used for events, conferences, etc.)
  • Only recognized undergraduate student organizations can apply for funding
  • 20 minutes: 7 minutes for presentation and 14 minutes for questions and answers by the Funding Board
  • Fund Considerations: Impact of the event, Transparency of Funds, Fundraising/other sources of funding
  • Emergency funding: only for big 6 organizations and club sports
  • AC: How is Funding Board being granted food?
  • FH: The money is from other sources of revenues.
  • BB: Do you know the origin of the numbers (12members to be funded)
  • FH: I can get back to you.
  • BS: If its over the limit for emergency funding does it need to go through all those steps?
  • FH: There needs to be proof.
  • MM: What does a bad presentation look like?
  • FH: We’ll do everything in our power to understand that budget sheet.
  • IK: Why do only 9 votes?
  • FH: Lindsey and I have to vote. The 12-15 gives us diversity and a cushion for members.

Academic Affairs: Leland Dunwoodie

  • Shoutout
  • Mikey
  • Perrin
  • New Senators
  • Updates
  • Major/Minor Fair
  • Shreya + Mar
  • Feb 15 | Hendrix B | 12-2
  • DIRS
  • Thomas Hazlett | Law + Econ
  • Tuesday | 12:30pm | Cooper Lobby
  • Projects
  • Feedback form for CUSG emails
  • NIMS w/ Perry
  • Pre-med packet
  • Ideas for AA
  • Ideas Form
  • Contact Info
  • Leland Dunwoodie | 269-759-4768 | ldunwoo@g.clemson.edu

Athletics: Trevor Newton

  • Ticketing Updates
  • Great meeting last week with Athletics
  • Biggest takeaway is working to restructure IPTAY Collegiate Club
  • Our ultimate goal is to have a formal ticketing policy written up
  • Contact me if you want to discuss this further… a lot was discussed but would be too much to write
  • Campus Recreation Updates
  • Campus Rec looking to hire a GA to be a trainer for club sports ($12,000 for 9 months)
  • Meeting with Chris Fiocchi Monday
  • Clemson Marketing Committee
  • Calm before the Roar
  • Huge thank you to ITSAB for funding for t-shirts
  • Look out for a video of Joey and I at the upcoming basketball games
  • Nice win over Pittsburgh this weekend
  • 2016 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS (This will stay here every week)
  • Contact Info: Phone: (864)-508-6334
  • Email: trevorn@g.clemson.edu

Campus Life: Robert Lee Storey

  • Updates:
  • Met with Almeda on Tuesday to discuss the barbershop.
  • TigerFlix fundraising
  • Spoke to Walgreen’s about Tiger Stripe
  • Hard Core Hacks went live on Instagram and Facebook today.
  • https://www.facebook.com/CUHardCoreHacks/videos/1826555847625811/
  • Share and Tag your friends.
  • Input for Campus Life? Mention it here! http://goo.gl/forms/9iOUDqvkVn

Finance and Procedures: Lindsey Wright

  • S/O to Christian for joining the most LIT committee on Senate!
  • Two pieces of legislation:
  • Non-Operational Funding
  • Operational Funding
  • Conor Kolstad, the CUSG Finance Director, is here today to present on any updates regarding the budget in the past month
  • Miller, Rachel, and B will sit on Elections Committee as liaisons from F&P
  • If you have any elections related questions, please contact me first and then Emma. Her email is emmalis@g.clemson.edu
  • Next funding board is February 8th
  • Forrest presenting this week!
  • Funding board and F+P will be having a joint session soon to discuss future funding structure proposals
  • Spring budget hearings coming up as well: February 23, 24, 27, and 28th
  • Molly and John will sit in and work on legislation
  • Beginning overhaul of handbook formatting/uniformity → Alexander taking the lead
  • Working with R&D Committee, particularly AJ and Nathan, to archive legislation and make sure there are electronic copies of everything for future reference
  • Cole working with ASC, Career Center, and Financial Aide on the preparation of Financial Awareness Week!
  • John working on academic advising initiative with the political science department
  • B met with Damian, the Attorney General, this past week and will be moving forward with him and OCES on her project
  • As always, hmu if you have any questions or just wanna chat (864) 421-5006 @lindseywrong

Health and Human Services: Jess Schnorr

  • Busy, busy, busy (stay updated with everything we are working on!)
  • BIG: SR13: To Express Support for the Homecoming of Clemson Students, Faculty, Alumni and Staff Abroad at the Time of the January 27, 2017 Executive Order
  • Uneasiness about making Party.0 a recognized student organization so quickly this semester, so we are on hold there. Want to make sure that we host the national group here first and are able to raise some money.
  • Kara is sending out a form to assess interest for the cancer support group and will meet again with CAPS staff after she has presentable data.
  • Jacob is working on his constituency report, so if there is anything you would like for us to include, please let him know. We want to leave the future of HHS with a tangible report on campus affairs.
  • Will be scheduling a meeting with Jennifer Goree this week to talk about condoms in residence halls, peer mental health support group, and mirror stickers.
  • Touring a program with Collegiate Recovery Community team this week. Hoping the infrastructure and program design will be able to positively help this team in the community proposal.
  • HHS has cookies again. shocker. hmu: 843.619.1555 // jschnor@g.clemson.edu // @yayyjesss // snapchat me: yayyjesss // be my guardian in Clem

Transportation and Facilities: Jacob McMeekin

  • Major Projects for the Semester:
  • Bike Share Implementation
  • LEV Commuter Permits
  • Potential Green Crescent Trail Resolution with CCD
  • Game Day Transit Options
  • Continued Red Route Discussions
  • Parking and Transportation:
  • Bike Share:
  • Should have finalized pricing soon
  • Helmets will be provided upon signing up but are not required
  • Looking at other incentives
  • Membership card will work in Greenville as well, but will not have first two hours free
  • Soft launch last week of March/first week of April
  • Changes in Parking Spots:
  • New employee spots in Thornhill due to relocation of some housing staff
  • Reserved spaces for College Deans and Faculty/Staff Senate- decision made by ELT
  • 24 hour spots in Trustee Lot for communication office- will be monitoring usage throughout the semester
  • Park and Ride:
  • Both R-06 and parking at the Snow Facility will be a park and ride option for students next year. $24 for the year.
  • Bus schedules for lots have not been finalized yet
  • Join me for Coffee and Conversation every Thursday at 8:30 in All In: (803)-622-8328 // jmcmeek@g.clemson.edu // Twitter and Insta: @jcmcmeek // Snapchat: jcmmeek

University Services: Dory Askins

  • Welcome to our newest committee member, Thomas Marshall! We are so happy to have you!
  • Look out for our constituency report! POINTS!
  • First ITSAB meeting was a success - $4,000 to “Calm Before the Roar”, $15,000 to TedX
  • Let me know if you have any questions about these allocations
  • Courtney - working on Free Speech tunnel
  • Mar – Major/Minors fair
  • Look out for banner to post on social media for points!
  • Perry – iRoar Governance board – goals - allowing parents access through ellucian – can choose what you want your parents to have access to) and student communication
  • Bryson – meeting with Chief of Staff Max Allen about NROTC on February 9th

Clerk: Steven Patrick

  • If anybody is interested in running for the position of Clerk, I’d love to discuss!
  • Email: sepatri@g.clemson.edu
  • Phone: 704-369-1752
  • Venmo: @Steven_Patrick

Secretary: Regan Cobb

  • Baton
  • Meet the Senators
  • Points: Share Major/Minor Fair Graphic, Like and Share HardCore Hacks, Share US report
  • Capital Improvement- THANK YOU
  • 6 wonderful projects!!! (Trauma Kits,Bikeshare, Memorial Bench, Memorial Plaque, Clemson Adaptive Soccer Program Development, & “Before I Graduate” Chalkboard)

Pro Temp: Samuel Reinert

  • Formal tickets being sold Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s from 1-5 in the offices
  • Cash, check, or tilt
  • If you someone in a band hmu
  • Frustrated about life/school/politics? Let’s talk
  • If you’re interested in Pro-Temp let’s talk some more
  • Formal T-shirt: $18.19
  • http://www.thegraphiccowcompany.com/programs/wogettstsbanker_member_mssql_post.asp?cowaction=TH126201780812AM5

Student Body VP: Nicki Seidman

  • Spring Scene planning
  • VPSA meeting
  • Dan Hoffman meeting
  • Resolution about job/interview/internship excuses going through tonight...hopefully
  • Shoutout to both Alexander and SP for being Robert’s Rules experts
  • If anyone is good at public speaking or speech writing, please meet me after Senate!

President: David Gundana

  • Academic grievance committee – Need a few more people
  • Met with Ms. Altheia Richardson
  • SB34

Old Business

AC: Point of Order

Bill No.35

To Amend the Student Body Handbook

MM: I motion to suspend the rules and move this bill into 2nd read.

LD: Point of Parliamentary Inquiry

AC: It’s not fair. You need to be consistent on how you apply rules.

MH: These ladies are very qualified.

PB: 314 and 315 are a conflict of interest.

JL: We shouldn’t be focusing on the work that has done. If a campaign depends of that money they are not putting their platform first.

AC: When you put a cap on the money people can give you don’t allow them to be supported. Money is an expression.

LD: We should pass this and reevaluate right after.

IK: Motion to pass bill in parts.

JK: Objection.

MF: This is going to be cumbersome to enforce.

MM: Elections board is impartial.

AC: Its not the only way, but it is certainly the way.

AA: The person giving money does not mean more than the person going out there.

MM: Call Bill No.35 to question.


Bill passes

New Business

Bill No.36

Non-Operational Funding

MF: Could you walk use through the $7,000 allocated to Theta Tau?

CH: A lot was for the venue on Saturday.

KD: Friendly amendment to line 4.

JL: Friendly amendment to line 17.

IK: What does the babysitting night entail?

CH: Donations can be made the organizations

BB: Could you define honoraria?

LW: Regarding the speakers.

MR: Did you say the babysitting night was an hour?

CH: It will be, as long they want it to be.

MM: Motion to send back to F&P.

Bill No.37

Operational Funding

BB: What event are they doing?

MH: This is an operational funding.

MM: Motion to send back to F&P.

Bill Previously Unapproved by Steering

Resolution No.12

To Express Support for the Implementation of a Written Policy that makes Internship, Job, and Graduate School Interviews University Excused Absences

MM: Do you have a limit on this?

JW: Other university absences have no limit.

IK: Have you considered co-ops?

JW: Don’t those count as jobs?

JS: Friendly amendment.

JL: Why does this need to go to the board of trustees?

JW: We don’t need to.

JL: Why did this not go through the normal route?

NS: Steering has seen this.

AA: Suspend the rules to move bill into 2nd read.


RR: I want to hear more about the process could you elaborate?

JW: Forward information to the professor similar to a doctor’s note.

JR: Do we have anything in this that creates a limit?

NS: They need to distribute documentation.

JL: Friendly amendment to line 17.

ML: Are the MCAT and GRE and other official excused?

BD: Motion to send bill into 2nd read.

LW: pro

MM: Move to call resolution to question.

Resolution passes

LD: Resolution previously unapproved by Steering

Resolution No.13

MR: Friendly amendment line 16.

MM: Friendly amendment

JS: Do you think we should add a note about student visas?

LD: That was implied.

JH: Suspend the rules and 2nd read.

GN: Objection

GN: If we do pass this, what will the action steps be?

MG: I spoke with President Clements and he agreed with the importance of this resolution.

GN: How much weight does this carry?

JH: Are actually going to name the student?

MG: The reason we mentioned her name was to show that a member of the Clemson family has already been affected by this.

MF: Can you define deny entry?

MG: This doctor is not a US citizen.

JH: Motion to suspend the rules and send this bill into 2nd read.

MM: Call resolution to question.

JH: We should talk further about this.

JH: My only concern is the timing of this.

SR: Passing this helps students abroad and the students here.

NM: I’m not sure the politics and the intent of this bill can be separated.

JM: We have students that have asked us to take charge. We need to be their voice.

JH: I believed the word denied should be replaced with prolonged.

JH: This resolution is being overanalyzed. I don’t see any negativity there.

MF: I think we could draft a different bill.

AC: I’m a very skeptical person, but we do have the ability to reach out to these people.

JH: Move this resolution to question.

Resolution passes

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