Lutes Welcome RISE to Campus Student-Athletes learn about perspective and inclusion during on-campus seminar

On the night of March 11th, the Pacific Lutheran University athletic department welcomed the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE) to campus to work with Lute student-athletes from all 19-sport programs to tackle issues of diversity, identity, perspective, and inclusion, in a seminar at the Anderson University Center.

RISE instructors facilitated the seminar, breaking down the student-athletes in attendance into small groups while participating in interactive activities to build leadership skills to bring back to their individual teams. A total of 62 student-athletes were invited to take part in the seminar.

PLU student-athletes had many different takeaways from the seminar and were happy to be able to attend the event.

“I learned to take your time to learn about the different perspectives from those around you,” said women’s track & field student-athlete Vakeaemanu Hunkin. “Sometimes we find ourselves in situations in which we think we’re right and someone else is wrong, when the truth is that we both are right, but we are seeing the situation from two different perspectives.”

This was a great opportunity for students to learn the diverse backgrounds of fellow student-athletes and set goals for the future of PLU and the campus culture.

“I learned a lot about how diversity isn’t just the color of someone’s skin but deeper values someone holds,” said men’s soccer student-athlete Darius Joe. “I enjoyed the engaging activities and I met some people I probably wouldn’t have without this event. If RISE ever comes back, I encourage EVERYONE to attend.”

Both of these student-athletes found tremendous value in this event. They, alongside the other student-athletes in attendance are excited to apply this newfound knowledge to make their individual teams and the PLU campus as a whole a more inclusive place.

“My biggest takeaway from participating in the RISE Seminar was the idea that perspectives truly can change your entire outlook on someone. There is so much more to each individual than what can be seen from the outside,” said women’s basketball and tennis student-athlete Kylie Rademacher.

“I’m excited to share conversations that I had in the seminar and dig deeper about the types of people we have on our team. This will help me become a better teammate, leader, and grow our team,” said women’s soccer student-athlete Kelly Brown.

Founded by Miami Dolphins owner Stephen M. Ross in 2015, RISE (Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality) is a national nonprofit that educates and empowers the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, champion social justice, and improve race relations. Through partnerships and programs, RISE inspires leaders in sports to create positive change on matters of race and equality.

Since its inception, RISE has launched initiatives across the country to educate, empower, and support athletes, coaches, and administrators at every level to be leaders in improving racial equality, while encouraging fans to join with professional athletes and community leaders in taking a pledge to stand against racism.

RISE remained on campus the following morning with the PLU Athletic Department Staff along with a individuals from several other departments on campus conducted their own seminar with the organization.

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