Final Math Project Shayana K. Wilson

The best day in Ms. Prioleau's math class was at the begining of the year when all the students did a project in the class about angles. Ms. Prioleau showed us how to correctly draw angles to make a city. In my city I used a 90 degree angles as one street and I remember naming it "Sesame Street". We were allowed to talk quietly and help each other. Out of any other day i think that this day was the best only because it was a day no one has gotten in trouble or had to be sent out.

Pictures we've took in the class

How can five key concepts can help me in the future? One key concept would be adding decimals. When shopping there are many items you can buy for example if I bought some juice for $1.95 and some candy for $0.50 and the cashier adds up your total they may do it wrong, so if you add it your self you will be able to see the exact amount that your supposed to get back. Another one would be percent of a number, now my mother uses this when we're shopping for clothes. So, in some stores you will be able to shop for clearance. Example if one outfit cost $60 dollars and we had a coupon for 20% off we would only have to pay $12 dollars because when you are to find the percentage of a number, you have to change the percent into a decimal and then multiply the decimal by the number. A third concept would be finding the price after tax. This would go for anything when buying something, you've heard people say "oh this cost (however much) plus tax" and tax is a states revenue or the money that goes to some goods, services, and transactions. So, finding how much money you owe after tax is important as well. Fourth, subtracting integers. When subtracting integers you would use a integer in replace of something you don't know the amount of. So, say for instance I'm trying to find out how many fruits i have in a garden. I have 40 fruits total, i have 12 strawberries, 7 oranges, and 10 watermelons, but i am missing some fruit. So, to write it as a equation i would put 12 + 7 + 10 + f = 40 ,but we don't know what the variable "f" equals. To find that i would add the numbers that i have already. Now the equation would be 29 + f =40 and then you subtract 29 from 40. So, "f" equals 11. Lastly another concept that is important is percent of change because it shows how something gains or loses value. For example, a percent of change could be written as : $130 - $250/$250 and simplified it would be $50/$250 and divide those two numbers by 50 and you'll have 1/5 which as a decimal equals 0.20 or 20%.

Ordering Decimals

When ordering decimals you have to always start from the last numbers depending on how you're ordering them. I'm going to order these three decimal from greatest to least : 2,475.02, 201.47, 42.5. So, to order these we look at the last digits of each number. The first number would be 2, the second would be 7 and the third one would be 5. By looking at these i can see that the greatest number would be 201.47. Next you look at the digits of the last number, s you can tell that the second greatest number would be 42.5 and the least number is 2,475.02. Now ordering decimals from least to greatest would be doing the same as ordering them from greatest to least. So, the numbers 4.9, 20.8, and 2.7 would be 2.7 as the number with the least value then 20.8 and 4.9 as the greatest number because of the 9 at the end.

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