Louisville Bats A Strategic Brief

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The Louisville Bats
Photos courtesy of the Louisville Bats


The Louisville Bats

Minor league baseball team located in Louisville, Kentucky. The Bats are the place to go for spring and summertime family fun. Their wonderful game day experience needs to flow over into their social media.

Key Audience

The Bats attract a wide audience to their games and each social media platform has a different demographic. This means that each post needs to be presented to fit each demographic. This page is specifically for people who work with the Bats and their social media to offer a pathway to reaching their audience.


The story we want to tell

The Louisville Bats are...

Their social media needs to…

  • Like, share, and heart their fans' posts about them
  • Answer fan questions about the game or team
  • Let them see themselves at the park so they will buy tickets
  • Tell a story that shows everyone can be a fan



Increase fan engagement using BatChat. This would show the fans that the team is interested in them and their experience. Probably the best thing the team can do is read the posts where they are mentioned and respond or like the post.

Twitter Image for #BatChat


Use this platform for people to share their favorite Bats moments from the game. Do this before and after the games in order to create some excitement before and to encourage positive feelings after.


Increase Tickets sales with a graduated giveaway. A graduated giveaway is when the team chooses 5 items to give away. Set the 1 hour space in time that the giveaway will happen. There are five levels that have to happen before the big prize can be given away. Each level must get at least 5 people to buy tickets before it promotes to the next level. Each level has it's own prize that people who bought tickets within that time frame are entered to win. Level prized can include a bobble head, a cupon for free nachos, or a team t-shirt. The goal here is to increase ticket sales, so there has to be a final product that is really great that every one gets to, like everyone who buys a ticket in the set amount of time is entered to win a ticket upgrade to a better seat.


The Louisville Bats

The Bats need to do more social postings that create a sense of urgency about buying tickets and gear. There needs to also be enough engagement with fans for them to be invested enough to have that sense of urgency. The best way to do that is talk to them. Let the fans share with the team about who they are and who they see you as. The best way to do this is through social media. The use of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can help increase fan engagement and ticket sales.

Adobe Spark

This program definately makes high quality presentations and I will definately be using this in the future. Things are even easier when you read the instructions here: https://adobespark.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/202688167-Adobe-Spark

Or you can watch an easy how to video that you only need the first half of here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bun6mkvyESs


Rebecca Holder enjoys taking apart problems and finding solutions. Want to see more of her strategic thinking? Follow her:


Holder, Rebecca, 2017 March, Beauty in Pairs, Louisville. KY, Instagram.com/theerebeccaH

Holder, Rebecca, 2017 March, Keep it Simple, Louisville. KY, Instagram.com/theerebeccaH

Holder, Rebecca, 2017 March, Well Lit Cabbage, Louisville. KY, Instagram.com/theerebeccaH

All the baseball pictures are from the Louisville Bats Facebook page and are uncredited. You can find them all at www.facebook.com/louisvillebats.


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