Blizzard's and what they do

^^What most people think of as blizzards^^

Blizzards are extremely dangerous snow storms that usually have severely cold temperatures, sometimes large amounts of snow/ice and extremely high winds. The National Weather Service describes blizzards as large amounts of falling or blowing snow, with winds blowing 35+ mph with visabilities of less than ¼ of a mile for a period of more than 3 hours.

One of the dangers of blizzards is the fact that you can't go anywhere. For example, some people get stuck on highways during blizzards and that is never good. First of all, you have to stay in you car the whole time, and you cant move out of it or you could lose heat and die from freezing. Another danger is if your not careful you can run out of gas and possibly die from the exhaust fumes.

Ways to protect yourself from all this danger is to make sure to only run your car just enough to keep you warm and moving your car a little bit each time so your car doesn't get stuck. A danger that you need to solve immediately is taking the snow out of your exhaust pipe on your car, if the exhaust fumes get in to the car, you could die form carbon monoxide poisoning.

some photos of very bad blizzards

By: Taemin and Flynn


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