Between a Rock and a Hard Place By:Jacob Lockwood


Between a Rock and a Hard Place is an autobiography of Aron. He ends up getting his arm stuck between a canyon wall and a rock that fell from above. He then has to result to the worst possible choice he has.

Background Information:

He is an experienced rock climber and this should have been a simple trail for him. He also didn't tell any of his friends or family.


Aron is a round character and a major character in the book because not only did he change physical when he lost his arm but he also changed emotionally.

Kristi and Megan are both minor flat characters in the book that Aron meets at the beginning of the book and then departs from them soon afterward.

354 pages

Major Conflict:

One of the major conflicts in the story is that he is rock climbing and he gets his arm stuck in a rock and he has little food and 22 ounces of water. Some of the sub conflicts are his knife is dulling and he isn't going to get to the party he was going too.

Style and Tone:

The tone of the book is serious and talks about a serious situation. The Style of the writing is very descriptive about what ever is happening at that point. He puts great detail to make sure the writer understands what is happening exactly.

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The setting of the story is a small canyon with Aron's arm stuck in between a rock and a hard place. The time is from night to day for several days, the impact of the setting is he is alone in a canyon will no help from other people and no one knows where he is.

Review of Book:

In my opinion the book was good, but he could of made the book move a little faster because i thought it was a little slow moving. 8/10

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