Design Your Own Fly Fishing Clinic With Fly Fishing Traditions

Design Your Own Fly Fishing Clinic

There are always areas of our fly fishing game that we would like to improve. It may be our dry fly casting technique. It may be that we would like to work on our dry fly presentation techniques. Some people would love to learn how to spey cast but don't have the gear or even know where to start. How about nymphing techniques, my goodness there's indicator nymphing, euro nymphing, long line tight line nymphing, high sticking, it makes your head spin. How about a clinic to learn about the bugs that the fish eat, doing an in-stream entomology clinic and then matching the bugs you collect to the correct fly patterns?

There is one thing that I'm sure of.. Having a guide or instructor spending time with you or with a small group of friends will insure that you receive the attention that you need, to learn what you want to learn. Wouldn't you like to have someone help you with exactly what you want to work on?

You can design your own fly fishing clinic that focuses on exactly what you want to work on with Fly Fishing Traditions. You can design a clinic for yourself or up to 3 additional fly fishing buddies. These clinics are 4 hours, basically a half day. You schedule the day that works for you and I'll do the best to fit you into the schedule.

The cost for this "Design Your Own Clinic" is $240 for 1-4 people. if you decide to bring along a few of your fishing buddies to join you, the less expensive the individual cost.

You design it, schedule and book it. I'll teach it. Simple!

Design Your Own Clinic - 1-4 people 4 hours -$240

1 - person $240 - 2 person $120 - 3 person $80 - 4 person $50 per attendee

Contact Clay Hash at

Clay Hash - Fly Fishing Traditions - 530-913-1334 - -

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