3D printing A heart full of music by:Alexis


To get my idea, I searched up a music logo for music in black and white, and I saw something with a heart, and my favorite shape is a heart. The story behind it is, since I was young, I have had a passion for music and I like to sing. I sing everyday and everywhere. I'm in the Chute chorus so I can perform for my school and community. I wanted to show my love of singing in this project.


The ideas I want to show, is how thick I made the lines and how there are music notes in the middle of the shape. How I customized my design, I took the brush on photoshop and went over the lines and sides with black ink, so the lines can be thick. How did my idea changed, my idea didn't really change.

Preparing for printing

I had to go online and send it to Ms.Kusherner computer to start 3D. How the machine worked, you put in the color in the machine and you wait for the machine to get hot. What other things happen, well what happen was first it was making the sticky thing to go on the bottom of the design.


The process, well it took 30 minutes to make. The parts that our exciting is when you watch it go into the process. What I learned about 3D printing , I don't really know, I guess it's just a great experience.


My project turned out great. It turned out the way I planned, the reason why was because I Used a positive shape and I created space for the contrast. I'm proud that I finished it. I don't really know if I have to improve anything, but if I did, probably nothing. What was difficult was when I had to keep on making the lines thicker. My final thoughts on this project: it was fun to make.

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