The word "Mothar" in the Gaelic language means "ruined fort". This natural site attracts about one million visitors a year, and is full birds, plants, and other wildlife. It also has an educational center to learn more about the Cliffs.

The Blarney Castle was built for Cormac McCarthy. It has been standing for around six hundred years! Not only can you tour the Castle but you can also see the Gardens and the Rock Close --which is a secluded area so one can enjoy nature. Also there is the famous Blarney Stone and if you kiss it you will be endowed with eloquence.

Ring of Kerry

A beautiful route that takes you through forests, lakes, historical sites and much more. On this route you can also do many outdoor activities such as, biking, surfing, golfing, etc.

Places to Eat

Chapter One (top right) is a fine dining restaurant and may be a little expensive, but the food is great and the service is attentive and it's a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. The Mulberry Garden (bottom) also had a delicious food selection with fine service. This also a fine dining restaurant. Dax Restaurant (top right), is more of a French Restaurant, but the food is still very good. The wine may be a little expensive, but is worth it.

Ways to Get There

From flights from Columbus to Dublin Ireland range anywhere from $1000-$1500 and that is for round trips. These, however, are not direct flights.


Some pretty cheap hotels are around $60 then there are some that are in the $110-$200 range and most of these hotels have good ratings. To name a few hotels there is The Plaza Hotel, Glenogra Hotel, Harington Hall, and many more!

Another nice place to visit in Ireland, other than Dublin, is Galway. Watch the video to learn more!


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