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There are many ways of being a good citizen. First of all, citizens are expected to follow all laws that the place they are citizens to entitles them to. It is important to have tolerance of the laws placed, for disobeying could result in being arrested. Also, citizens are also entitled to fulfill their responsibilities, such as being informed, and voting. (Which is also classified as a right) Third, citizens are also encouraged to exercise the rights they are given, such as freedom of speech. In the USA, all the rights I have examples of are given.
The most effective form of government is representative democracy. First of all, in representative democracy citizens are included in the government and help make decisions about the government, such as electing representatives to vote on governmental problems or laws depending on the subject. In election representatives to vote for you, things get done much more efficiently. In dictatorships and absolute monarchies, only one person has say in government. That could be problematic in that if you disagree with the person in charge, you most likely wouldn't like the way the government would be being ran either. In democracy's there is also normally limited government, rights of the minority, constitution's, separation of power, and rule of law, so citizens can feel respected and safe, and have their rights protected. In other governments there are not always constitutions and laws in place, such as anarchy's. These are a few reasons why representative democracy is the most effective form of government, and you can rely on it to keep your country safe and successful.

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