Sisterhood of the traveling (wait are you wearing my) pants Rachel and katie's trip to london

Day 1

Day one was a lot of traveling from the airport, to the hotel, a nap for Katie, then dinner and walking along Oxford and Regent Street to view the Christmas lights.

Day 2

This is where the real adventures began! We first started out walking through Hyde Park and seeing the Swans. The cover photo is from Hyde Park as well.

Then we took a tour of Kensington Palace. We learned that Queen Victoria was very tiny Queen and then when she lost her husband she became more realistic.

They had some lovely gardens.

Day 2

After new years day we went to the Breakfast at little cafe near the River Thames and tried to get tickets to the London Eye but they were all booked. We did get to see Big Ben though!

Then we saw some stunning artwork at the National Gallery of Art. Where they charge a fortune for water (2 pounds!)

We both really loved the same Vincent Van Gogh piece.

Then we went to covent garden and watched some street performers.

Day 3

We woke up a little late today so we didn't do much beyond going to the British Museum and there was a lot to see there.

I counted a lot of things that were dubiously taken from other countries.

We saw some of the famous Elgin Marbles!

Rachel decided that she didn't like how they placed famous ancient Mesopotamian art in museums.

Afterwards we got coffee and discovered that they spell Rachel very different in Europe.

For dinner, we went to Chinatown and ordered something that we had to immediately text Dave for instructions on how to eat it.

After dinner we walked around the city for a little bit before grabbing dessert and heading home.

Day 4

This was my last full day in London, so we did a lot of walking this day and visited a lot of places. First we crossed over the tower bridge. We did a lot of Harry Potter related visits this day.

Then we went to the market that was the inspiration for Diagon Alley.

Unfortunately, there is not much left of where the Leaky Cauldron was filmed. Only a small little piece on top of a opticians shop.

We walked to the building that Harry and Ron flew the car over in the second movie.

Then finally we arrived at King's Cross station!

They had a little photoshoot station where we could take pictures crossing into platform 9 and 3/4.

Then we walked around Buckingham Palace and went into a little Queen's Gallery where they had cute royal ornaments!

Lastly we went to the Tate Gallery and saw some amazing British Artwork.

The next day Rachel dropped me off at Oxford. I will be sending photo diaries of Oxford by the end of the month!

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