The Merlion Star APRIL 28, 2017 - Volume 26 - Issue 9

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  • Singapore Military Community Learns from the Past during Holocaust Days of Remembrance
  • Navy Region Singapore Community Observes Earth Day 2017
  • Teacher Appreciation Week Celebrated at Navy Region Singapore
  • MWR Sports Hosts Fitness Clinic Obstacle Course
  • Terror Club hosts Magic show and Month of Military Child events
  • MWR Updates
  • Navy Region Singapore YouTube Clips

Singapore Military Community Learns from the Past during Holocaust Days of Remembrance

Story by Mass Communication Specialist Madailein Abbott, Navy Region Singapore Public Affairs

Navy Region Singapore joined the nation in reflecting on all whose lives were lost or forever altered by the Holocaust during the annual commemoration of the Holocaust, Days of Remembrance, observed this year from April 23 – 30.

With a national theme, “Learning from the Holocaust: The Strength of the Human Spirit,” region service members discussed the importance of learning from history and the value of those lessons towards shaping the future.

U.S. Navy Lt. Adam Klein, Strategic Sealift Officer Coordinator attached to Military Sealift Command, Far East, began the event by reciting the Mourner's Kaddish, a traditional hymn honoring those who have passed, and transitioning to a discussion on the attendees' knowledge of the Holocaust and what could still be learned from the past.

"I think what we focus on today, our theme of learning from history and focusing on the good that has come from individual human strength is a reminder to everyone that good can come from bad and that’s something to be celebrated." - Lt. Adam Klein

“I think any kind of chance you get to give people information they might not know is something to take advantage of,” said Klein. “There’s not a large Jewish population out here in Singapore so it might not be something people get exposed to, and it might not be as big of a topic as it would be in maybe America or Europe, but I think there are many things that we’ve learned from what happened that can still be applied today.”

The Holocaust was the state-sponsored systematic annihilation of European Jews by Nazi Germany and its collaborators. Between 1933 and 1945, more than six million Jews were murdered. Additionally, Poles, Soviet prisoners of war, Roma (Gypsies), Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics, political dissidents, the physically and mentally disabled, and homosexuals suffered grievous persecution under Nazi tyranny. The Days of Remembrance serve as an opportunity for our nation to reflect on the loss of these victims, as well as a reminder of the moral obligation of each individual to remain vigilant against hatred, persecution, and tyranny.

“I feel this kind of event helps to educate people,” said Klein. “It can be a topic that’s a little taboo to talk about because it has such a negative tone; people want to focus on the positive. I think what we focus on today, our theme of learning from history and focusing on the good that has come from individual human strength is a reminder to everyone that good can come from bad and that’s something to be celebrated.”

The event was open to all Navy Region Singapore community members and was held in two sessions. U.S. Navy Lt. Alexandra Deguzman, attached to Commander Logistics Group Western Pacific, described the event as enlightening and educational.

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“Lt. Klein did an outstanding job in discussing April's Holocaust, Days of Remembrance theme this year,” said Deguzman. “This remembrance reminded us of the sacrifices made by the victims of the Holocaust, the survivors and the people who sacrificed their own lives in saving others.”

Every year, Holocaust, Days of Remembrance events are observed by state and local governments, military bases, workplaces, schools, churches, synagogues, and civic centers. All commands are encouraged to commemorate through participation in related military and community events, programs and exhibits. By allowing Sailors an opportunity to learn from their diversity, the Navy continues to harvest and represent the strength of our Nation's diversity, provide a culture which promotes the treatment of people with dignity and respect, and allows its people to lead and feel empowered to reach their full potential.

Members of the Navy Region Singapore (NRS) Community teamed up with local Singaporeans and partner nation service members throughout the month of April to emphasize environmental awareness in recognition of Earth Day 2017.

Earth Day is an annual, worldwide event celebrated on April 22 to raise awareness of the effects of pollution and educate the public on their environmental impact.

“We all live on the same planet and with limited natural resources contamination and pollution affects each and every one of us,” said Chantry Davis, NRS Environmental Program Director. “It is important that we bring awareness to this fact so that people realize the impact that their daily actions have on a larger scale.”

The Navy's Earth Day theme for 2017, "Building Strength Through Stewardship," emphasizes the value of environmental initiatives in supporting the mission by helping to build trust with government agencies and the public. Preserving the local ecosystems, focusing on energy savings and embracing environmental education opportunities all align with the "expand and strengthen our network of partners" line of effort in Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson's Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority.

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“We are here in a host nation, and we need to be good stewards of the areas we work in and ensure that we are not polluting or contaminating it for the people that live here permanently,” said Davis. “That helps foster good relations with our host nation that will spread beyond the environmental aspect and into larger agreements that we have with them.”

Throughout April, NRS held multiple events which focused on raising awareness of the environmental impact the instillation creates on a daily basis. A recycling contest held throughout the month resulted in the collection of more than 4,600 lbs. of recyclable material. Additionally, an instillation clean-up event brought together U.S. service members, DoD and local national civilians, and members of the Australian and New Zealand armed forces to remove trash and debris around the installation. The events helped foster an environmentally conscious mentality that can be maintained by NRS personnel throughout the year.

“It is critical that it lasts beyond one day,” Davis said. “Our operations here happen 24/7/365, and so being environmentally conscious needs to be the same mindset. Earth day brings awareness to the issue, but the things that we do, recycling, base clean ups, hazmat disposal, etc., happen on a daily basis throughout the year. We use earth day to remind us of the various things that we can do throughout the year at NRS to reduce our environmental impact and preserve the environment in which we work and live.”

Teacher Appreciation Week Celebrated at Navy Region Singapore

Story by Marc Ayalin, Navy Region Singapore Public Affairs Office

When it comes to showing teacher appreciation, the parents of Navy Region Singapore’s (NRS) preschool students really know how to share their gratitude as they treated teachers and staff at the region’s Child and Youth Programs Center to an appreciation luncheon, April 20, 2017.

As part of Teacher Appreciation Week, which is celebrated every April, the teachers and staff at NRCS’s Child and Youth Programs Center enjoyed a Mexican-themed lunch along with a small gift exchange as part of the appreciation event. The luncheon gathered the six CYP Preschool teachers and staff members who feasted on chicken soft tacos, refried beans and Spanish rice. For one parent, this was a great opportunity to show appreciation for the efforts extended to her children by the teachers.

“The CYP preschool class of 2016-17 has seen some major changes that have greatly benefited the students,” said Erica Parra, a parent of a preschooler. “The parents of the preschool class wanted to show our appreciation to the teachers as they are some of the first people to truly have an impact on our children. This program allows our pre-kindergarteners the chance to prepare for their first year of learning.”

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Terra Hendrickson, CYP Director, Navy Region Singapore, felt grateful for the parent’s gesture and described this event as a culmination of strength in community.

“This parent lead event was absolutely wonderful,” Hendrickson said. “It was great to see the families come together to and celebrate the hard work and efforts that the CYP Team put in each and every day. It was a great moment for the team to sit and enjoy some time together and really was a wonderful team building moment. Everyone was very grateful.”

The region’s CYP offers youth programs such as part-day pre-school, hourly child care, youth sponsorship from Kindergarten to grade 12, summer day camps, teen center activities such as partnerships with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

MWR Sports Hosts Outdoor Fitness Obstacle Challenge

Photos by Wendy Martin, Morale, Welfare and Recreation

Navy Region Singapore's Morale Welfare and Recreation Sports hosted an Outdoor Fitness Obstacle Challenge recently. The event gathered more than 20 participants who negotiated various obstacles designed to test agility, endurance and strength. The morning's event began with a warm-up exercise and continued with low crawling, jumping over obstacles, and a sprinting. Check out the photos below to see the event's activities.

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Terror Club hosts Month of the military Child Event and Brian Miller Magic Show

Photos by Wendy Martin, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation

Members of the Navy Region Singapore (NRS) community gathered recently to celebrate the Month of The Military Child and to watch Brian Miller, the magician provided by Navy Entertainment. The event gathered more than 100 participants, many of whom were children from the community. The Month of the Military Child is an annual event held every April nationwide to celebrate and recognize the contributions and sacrifices that our youngest community members make. During the afternoon event, snacks were provided, pool floats and swimming activities were enjoyed by the children.

According to Terra Hendrickson, Child and Youth Programs Director for NRS, "It is important to recognize this annual campaign for the everyday contributions that our military connected children make. Military children are some of the most resilient children I have ever worked with, and this because the community recognizes the ongoing challenges that our children face of frequent moves, changing of schools, deployments and distance from family support and friends. This is just another way that we can bring awareness and celebrate our youngest who serve too."

During the Brian Miller magic show, the audience's excitement was evident and they reacted wholeheartedly to Miller's tricks.

According to Nelson Sinnappan, community activities manager for NRS Community Recreation, "Apart from the overwhelming response from the community as a family, children got an idea that they too can one day become a magician and make this a career like Brian Miller, who started his ambition while in college."

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Roofing Renovations:

April 12, 2017 begins scaffolding around the Fleet Gym, please be aware this may affect parking around the gymnasium. Starting April 25 to May 15, Phase One of the renovation begins. At this time the basketball court will be unavailable for use. All Pick-up games can be played at Navy Gateway Inns and Suites courts.


  • Pick up soccer every Wednesdays at the TC field at 1600.
  • Pick-up basketball every Tuesday and Thursday @ 1630 in FFC.
  • Pick-up Softball starting May 26, 2017 and will continue every Friday at 1700 at TC Fields.


April 29, 2017 at 0700 for the Admirals Cup Sprint Triathlon!!! You can compete individually or as a team of three. The course will be a series physical challenges to include, Swimming, Bicycle and Running. The awards for the Spartan Race will be for 1st place male, 1st place female, 1st place youth, and 1st place team (based on participation)! There will also be a special Lucky Draw prize drawing for another entry opportunity just for participants and another Lucky Draw for all in attendance. So, participants get three chances to win entry for Spartan Race Singapore (with an option for Spartan Race in Malaysia instead).


  • Physical Training now offered at Fleet Fitness Gym for minimal fees. You can choose the session that bests suites you. Either come in with a buddy, a group, or just on your own. All are offered at Fleet Fitness. Please contact the front desk staff for any questions at 6750-2482 or email the fitness manager at If you are interested you can pick up a Personal Training packet at the front desk to fill out and pay the $25.00 USD fee for your initial assessment and get started!
  • Pilates sign up still available! Class session ends May 25, 2017 with no class on April 27. You now have the option of doing one ($60.00 USD per 6 week session), two ($120.00 USD per 6 week session), or even three ($180.00 USD per 6 week session) classes per week!! Must pay for full session before you begin. If you sign up late classes break down to $10.00 per class paid out until the end of the session. Paying for one class at a time is not an option. Payment can be made at Fleet Fitness Center front desk where they will issue you a Pilates Punch card. Please email the Fitness Manager if you have any questions at


  • Lap swim begins April 17, 2017 from 0600-0700, at Terror Club Pool. Four lanes will be available before work to get your laps in, first come first serve! This is not an instructional course. We will see you there!!
  • Parent-Child swim lessons offered at Terror Club Pool beginning April 17 until May 13. Each session is 4 weeks and 8 lessons per session for $40.00 USD at ages 6-months to 3-years old. Sign up at Fleet Fitness Center front desk by Sunday, April 16, 2017, 2000 with your first and second choice group date options and payment. Classes will be 40 minutes long with American Red Cross instructors. Make-up classes may be provided due to inclement weather. Please contact with any questions.
  • Just a friendly reminder of the current youth policy at the Terror Club Swimming Pool: All children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult/legal guardian 18 years and above. Youth 13-17 years of age must, in order to swim unaccompanied, have passed the swim test given by the lifeguards with signed documentation. Parents must be present to consent and sign.

Please call the Fleet Fitness Center for more information at 6750-2482.

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