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Artwork for the book lover

Abstract Art

Original digital artwork
Photo Manipulation Art

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Original Fantasy Art
Original Sci-fi Artwork
Mystical Skyscapes
Steampunk Art

See before and after photoshops:


Artwork created by merging multiple images together into a new scene.

Digital Aging

New Characters From One Image.

The three girls are from one image (the girl in the distance on the left) to reflect sisters or different ages.

Gothic Art

Restored and digitally edited vintage photos

Vintage Art Restorations

The images from here down

are vintage, public domain paintings and advertisements that I have digitally edited and restored. Most of them are on my Pixabay.com accounts and are free for personal or commercial purposes.

Creating art from vintage advertisement
Putting my own spin on vintage art
Most of my vintage restorations are free on Pixabay.com
c1873 Tobacco Label
c1872 Tobacco Label
c1893 Lithograph
c1910, "A skeleton of his own" magazine cover
c1914 Anti-hoarding war poster
c1917 War poster