Olivia Grace Must Move Away by Andrew Holly

Olivia Grace is a cheerful girl. She loves everything about her world. But, today is different. Today she was given some terrible news. Her mother told her "Olivia Grace, I am sorry, but our family has to move."

"But why? I don't want to leave!" exclaimed Olivia Grace. "What about my friends Anthony and Trace? I can't go! I don't wanna go! I don't want to leave this place!"

"Anthony and Trace will always be your friends dear. No matter how far we live from here," said her mother. "You can always talk to your friends from wherever we move. You can call them or write them, and even Skype them too."

"But what about our house? I have lived here my whole Life! We can't just leave the only house I've ever known" said Olivia Grace. "This just isn't right!"

"I love this house too honey, and I'm sorry we have to leave. But look at our pretty new house with all the beautiful trees," said her mother.

"But what about my school? I will miss, my teacher, my class helper, and my principal too. Can we stay if I say I will miss the cafeteria food?" Olivia Grace asked jokingly.

"I know you love your teacher, and she loves you back." said her mother. "Your new school will be full of loving teachers, just like your last. There is no need to worry, your new school will be a blast. You new teacher will be amazing, I promise you that." said her mother.

"What about my snowboarding team? What about our season? Why can't we just wait? Whats the reason?" Cried Olivia Grace.

"I know you're sad dear. I'm sorry we have to move to another state. We have to leave because your father proudly serves this nation, and right now, the Army needs him at another duty station" explained her mother.

"I'm proud of my Dad. But I am still extremely sad? How come other children don't have to feel this bad?" asked Olivia Grace.

"Don't be sad, there are other children too. When we get to where we are going there will be many more like you. Children who have left behind their house, their friends and their school too" assured her mother.

Wait? said Olivia Grace. "So I won't be alone. I wont be lonely when we move to our new home?"

"You wont be lonely, not one bit. You need not be scared, it will be a perfect fit" explained her mother.

"So there will be other children just like me? Who have mommies and daddies that are heroes like mine? Who had to move and leave their house and friends behind?" said Olivia Grace

"Yep, that is the case, Olivia Grace" explained her mother. "Well, lets do it then! said Olivia Grace. I want to be where there is children like me! This new town sounds like an awesome place! Hurry! Lets go! I cant wait!"

Created By
Drew Holly


Created with images by raniramli - "book mockup design"

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