Help wanted in India call centers Learn about India and apply for a job there today


Call support a call center in India is in need of your help. India has a population of 1.252 billion people making it the 2nd largest population in the world and all of those people need money , call support is a great paying job to support your family with.

Urban population

In India with the population being so large everyone wants to live in the urban part because all the jobs are there but it is also costly to live there. Most good paying jobs are in this part of India though. The urban population is 32.7% in India.

Children demographics

India has one of the largest populations of children , this will make the future good because the work force will have many people to keep it going. They have a total child population of 440 million children.

Schooling in India

The average child gets to go to school for 12 years. The schooling system seems to be pretty good considering a large population of children gets to go go school. You need to go to a specific schooling center to get the training you need to work at a call center. You have to be trained for 4-5 years to do this.

Name of the company

Bail Wiz calling company

What happens at call centers?

They will take calls from all around the world to help people with technology issues and all kinds of other things.

What is the training like?

You will need speech training to communicate better with English speakers. You will need training in how to deal with the problems people will call you about. You will need to learn the ways of taking calls from people. You will most likely need a new name so the customer can easily pronounce your name when you talk to them.

How much do they get paid?

If you take this job you will make $2 an hour. Which is around 20,000 rupees per month.

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