Village of Pulaski Created by: Alena strassburg

Pulaski Muninicapal building

585 E Glenbrook Dr.

Pulaski Wi

Map of my local municipality

The issue I selected is Opening a bid for the shelter with bathrooms at memorial park, and putting bathrooms in the Knights Of Columbus building at the polka grounds. The local goverment is handeling the issue by taking action on the issue by renovating and demoloshing the old building. They have started a bid to renovate and build a new building. In the bid is also putting bathrooms in the building at the polka grounds.

I agree with the way the goverment is handeling the issue because it is long over due. The new building will be used alot, and will be a great place to rent out to residents of the village. I personlly think that this should have happened earlier, the building was very old and not taken care of well. Also, when the Knights Of Columbus put up the building down at te polka grounds, they should have put in bathrooms and showers. These utilities would be well used by the campers that come for Polka Days. With the utilities, many more people will want to rent out the building for events. When they build the building at Memorial park, they should build a building that can be rented out to the community, and create income for the village. It should have a small kitchen and tables for seating with accessible bathrooms. Overall, I agree with the villages action on the buildings.

The town wants to power wash the water tower, and clean up the area around the water tower.

The town board wants to rezone a part of the village on Brown County Line Rd, to make it light industrial. In doing so, they are hoping to attract more businesses to the area.

The board members drew numbers to find out the order of names on the spring ballot.

They determind the amount of money available for day to day business

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