Dragons and Dinosaurs. by cadence rouse.

contraption: device shrink.

This contraption is used for working out in the field.

submerged: immersed.

This polar bear is submerged under the water.

massive: enormous solid.

This is a massive horse.

eerie: creepy weird.

This spider is very eerie looking.

roamed: wander travel.

The ants roamed around on the lea

obstacles: impediment barrier

This man fell in the mud when he was trying to reach his goal and get through one of many obstacles.

elegant: stylish

These earrings are very elegant.

complicated: complex intricate.

The construction work looked very complicated.


Created with images by tpsdave - "tractor grain mixer rural" • Life-Of-Pix - "polar bear bear arctic" • Alexas_Fotos - "shire horse horse coupling" • icmilpere - "spider insects nature" • Alexas_Fotos - "peony bud ants" • skeeze - "crawl mud obstacle" • mingkeiho - "earrings beautiful jewelry" • Tama66 - "excavators construction machine two-way excavator"

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