Reflective Journal (Week 7)

On Monday I started on some of the basic programming. This was so that when I revicve the animations I can put them straight into the game without having to do much or no extra programming. This will help out later as it will save a lot of time. This gives me more time to work on the harder parts of the programming and making it if there is anything not working I have the time to fix it.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I was working on fixing my PC so stencyl will actually work on it. This is going to cause problems so I'm hoping I can get it working for next week. I'm hoping I can get it fixed so that I can do a lot more work at home. I should be able to fix it on the days off next week, as this weekend I'm working. If I can't get this fixed it will cause bigger issues later on. I am confident that I will fix it meaning I can get ahead of myself and then have more time to work on adding more little details to make it the best I can later on.

On Thursday I continued to do some of the programming and making a test level. I added the code so the camera follows you, you spawn on the screen and the pause button. These bits of code will not change throughout the game. That is why I have started to do this. I also worked a little bit on our games design document, as we had not finished off the characters. By doing all of this I think I'm good to get to the harder stuff in the programming when Dziliana has given me the the animations. I wont have to worry about adding these simple bits of code or forget them as I'd be working on the harder stuff. All of these things I had done very quickly as I had the other game to look at.

Friday was when we had our formative assessment. Dziliana worked on the characters a little bit more and fixed some of my mistakes. While she done this I was getting different sounds to make up a background music. I went onto to find these. It took me a while to find decent music to start with as it is a bit random what you can find. I eventually found a good one if it was quieter. I then started to find other noises to add to it. Adam suggested that I should make it so it plays the random noises at random times to add more of a mix. I then imported the main background music to make sure the loop was not jumpy and had a good flow in the game, which it did. I was going to do this but as it was then end of the lesson I could not do this as it was towards the end. I managed to add the main loop to the to the test level. I was going to continue to work on the rest of the sound on another lesson.

This is the test level. I have tried different jump heights on different platforms so I know what I'm working with when I come to make the actual levels. This level is to test bits of code on to see what needs improving. This will make it easier on the actual levels as any simple bits of code are not working too good will be working properly when I go to implant it onto them.
These are the actor behaviors I have done so far. I added the off screen now in case I forgot to do that later on.
This is the code for the camera to follow you on the center of the screen. I done this quite quickly as I needed to see more the level to test different heights for jumping.
This is the code that tests if you are on the screen or not. I made this because of two big reasons. The main one being that I might forget to add it later on and the second one is to that there is parts of the test level where you can fall of the screen. By making this if I fell or walked too far to the side I would re-spawn at the beginning of the level.
This code was originally form StencylForge on my other game. On that I changed some of the code and added to it as well. This took some time making it on this game as I made to make some variables and it was lengthy. With the code I added to this on my other game it will help a lot when it comes to attacking enemies. This is because I added code for shooting and going a shooting animation. This gives me another slight advantage when it comes to the attacking animations later on during the game. This gives me the confidence I will need to make the coding the cut scenes and the two endings.
These are the scene behaviors. This are the basic ones I've used to make the game work and then the background music.
This is the "start" code. When the level begins it moves the camera to where your character spawns as it normally starts in the top right hand corner. This moves it to the coordinates of where you spawn. This makes it possible to progress with the test level. With out this it wouldn't work.
This is the code for the background music. As the music was really load I turned it down a lot to where it was not ear pricing noises.
This is the pause control. I got this from my other game. That I added to this game.

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