Carving By: Isabela

I was searching cute animals on the internet and then I found this. My idea is a cat that is holding his hands together and I thought it would be cute if I put the words please under.

After I traced the pic that I transferred into photoshop. I modified it to make it new by adding the words please in the font I liked. At first I was jumping between pictures and coudnt decide which one I wanted to do.


Once I finished tracing I imported the picture to easel and adjusted the line sizes and size of the picture so that it would print properly.

When I was setting up I tightened the screws in the machine so that the block was in there tight. Then I pulled up easel on Ms. Kushners computer and adjusted the size of the block and the time so that it mathched the real block. Finally I closed the machine and it started carving.

Carving process

The process of the carving was super cool. The bit was carving the block layer by layer. And it repeated over the shapes multiple times to make the carving deeper.

Finally it was done! When the carving was finished I vacuumed all the remaining plastic and then used a brush to get in the cracks. It turned out really good and I really liked it ! I was everything I expected!

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