Modelling Change By: Catalina

In this project we had to choose a topic that we would want to do in order to make a slope. I decided to do the NBA salaries of Famous Players throughout a year, starting from 1998-2017. We started of by finding out our data and organizing it, and then putting the information on to a graph table, witch then created the dots of the table and we then had to find the lines of best fit by separating the dots into a group of 3 and finding the line of best fit.

These are the tables in order to separate the dots
But in order to find this we had to do some calculations to determine the slopes and the y- intercept.

Then we had to find an equation that would fit out entire graph. So i decided to do linear. The equation was: y=mx+b

Then we had to figure out the prices in 2067 and 2112. So for 2067 i multiplied the money of how much the latest player in 2017 received money which was $30,963,450 and multiplied that number times 2067 and got = $64,001,451,150. For 2112 I did the exact same thing just with the different year, 2112, and got $65,394,806,400. I think these values are reasonable prices for these years.

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