Tour of Harn Griffin Bria

Medium of the Art/Techniques of the Artist- One piece of art that I saw in person was called "Distraught Palm." It was made in 1990, and I thought it was an extremely interesting painting. Seeing it in person is much better than seeing it online because in person, you can really see how much detail and work goes into creating a painting. I thought the technique of the artist was very interesting because the painting looks a controlled disaster. Although it looks very sporadic, the painting comes together perfectly. The palm tree in the painting is not supposed to be perfect; it is supposed to have flaws, just like all of us. I think the palm tree has flaws and looks the way that it does is because the title of the painting is "Distraught Palm." It communicated to me that the painting was distraught, but not extremely worried about being distraught. The artwork made me feel better about myself because I realized that everyone and everything can be distraught; even a palm tree.
Design of the Museum- While touring the museum, the Asian Art Wing was truly my favorite part. It had all forms of Asian art, and the actual exhibit was made of all wood. For some reason, the wood, and the smell of the exhibit were extremely pleasing to me. The exhibit made me feel at piece with myself, because I felt like the exhibit was an extremely relaxing, calm, and beautiful place. While in the exhibit, I did not have any worries, and just cared about the art that was being shown.
Art and Core Values- This painting is called "Street Scene, Market Place." One of my main core values is friendship. In this painting, there are people at the market place just shopping, smiling, and being kind to each other. Friendship is one of my core values because I believe that we as humans should attempt to be nice to everybody. This painting helps me better understand the core value of friendship because in the painting, people are conversing with other people. and they seem to be extremely friendly to one another. The emotion that this painting instills in me is happiness, because I get very happy when humans are friends with each other. This painting helps me better understand what I believe because if these random people can smile at each other and be friendly, every human can be friendly with each other.
Art and the Good Life- This painting is called "St. Jean's Bay", and the good life theme that it portrays is tranquility. This painting evokes the theme of tranquility because the whole entire painting is just extremely peaceful and tranquil. The painting is of a scenic view of a bay, and it has people having a picnic, a person just relaxing, and another man fishing. This painting communicates the good life theme of tranquility because as I look at the picture, I just become calmer, happier, and more peaceful. In the painting, it looks like it is a beautiful evening, and the people in the painting are just taking advantage of the beautiful view, and the beautiful weather. This painting has taught me more about tranquility because it has taught me that every once in a while, I should notice how beautiful our world really is, and that I should take advantage of the beautiful world that I live in.

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