Pop-Art Sculptural Book Michelle Alvarez

March 10th 2017- Today was stressful because I wanted to come up with a concept I though would be more complex and challenging for me. My initial thought was to do something with patterns more like Romero Britto's work. I then ventured into make a pop-art version of my side profile and which it would be cut and re-arranged. The back side would be makeup tools (pop-art version of course) and would also be cut and rearranged. Im not sure if this new concept will work but I feel really strongly on it and what to challenge myself.

March 14th 2017- I decided to just go with inspiration from Romero Britto because my other concept was way over what I am actually capable of. Also I want to be more ahead on this project so I don't have to stress about it so if I don't move on today I won't be ahead or on schedule. I feel inspired by his work.

This is the picture I got most of my inspiration from and used to come up with intricate patters with.
These are my 6 sketches I drew. I decided to go with the top left, top right, and bottom right.

March 20th 2017- I have to do my 3 full pages for homework so I can work on the book covers today in class. I'm really not sure what to do with my covers and i'm confused even how we are going to be doing them. It'll work out tho because it has to and it always does.

March 22nd 2017- I finished my cover sketch and traced it in sharpie. My goal is to finish the coloring part so my cover is more or less done. I decide to use water color and marker because the water color will give it a bold strong effect and the water color will contrast and make it softer.

This is what it looked like after my design and my sharpie was done.
March 24th 2017- I finished coloring it with watercolor and makers and now I have to make the covers which I don't think will take that long but i'm probably wrong. (Ended up taking the whole class.)

March 28th 2017- Im going to start my actual pages today which im nervous about because i'm not very good at drawing. I probably will just spend time on page 1 today and hopefully finish it so I can work on page 2 next class and be ahead/on track. My design isn't that complicated either its just time consuming with all the patterns.

This is a picture of my finished book covers.

March 30th 2017- Today I cut my my out my pages and I cut the page horizontal instead of half so it wouldn't be bigger than my covers. I also stuck the pages together and folded them like an accordion.

April 3rd 2017- I feel like I came on some sort of mental block today because I was complete stuck on ideas and different ways I could make my sculptural book unique. It didn't seem fitting to put random things and cut out random stuff. At the same time there isn't much I can do that has a purpose. Therefore I tried to follow the same patters I already had drawn on my pages with thing like cut outs and pop outs.

April 5th 2017- Today I made cut outs on most of my page seems I actually liked the way they turned out and I even made cut outs on the larger ones. I also cut out shapes from pages but I haven't added anything to it yet besides taking things off.

April 8th 2017- I added a blue ribbon to a braided pierce and a pop out in an m shape. I used a wrapped up wire so the m could flop around. Also I tried to coil 3 white wires to loop over some green circles I had.

April 10th 2017- Today I though I should cut a side off my pages so that they all wouldn't be so square. Literally the worst choice I made throughout the whole project. I did it on one of the covers and took off a larger chunk then I had wanted. It actually made me really upset cuz when I open up the pages it looks so bad to me.

April 12th 2017- I made my favorite design today on my favorite page. Its a bunch of triangle cut outs really close together which actually looks way cooler than it sounds.

April 16th 2017- I finished my pages today and I'm pretty happy with it. I didn't think I put too much or too little. I also glued the two end pages onto my covers.

This is the final product of my pop art scupltural book. Over all I'm happy with my work and I put forth my best effort to complete this project.

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