Liechtenstein Needs an Army By Sena Ahadzie


In 1937, Liechtenstein added the prince's crown so that their flag could be distinguishable from Haiti's flag.

My Liechtenstein Research Paper:

Liechtenstein is a small country (approximately 0.9 times the size of Washington D.C.) that is located in central Europe. It is landlocked between Austria and Switzerland. The absolute geographic location for Liechtenstein is 47 16 North (N), 9 32 East (E). Of its total land area of 160 square kilometers, 43.1% is forest and 37.6% is used for agricultural purposes. The terrain is mostly mountainous with the Alps mountain range, which spans both Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The highest point in land elevation, over sea level is Vorder-Grauspitz at 2,599 meters tall, and the lowest point is 430 meters high and is Ruggeller Riet .

Liechtenstein has beautiful landscapes.

They have a unique culture that has influences of the Catholic Church and of Alemannic culture.

Though Liechtenstein has a police force, it currently relies on Switzerland’s army. Liechtenstein argues that having an army of its own would not be plausible because of how expensive it is. For this reason, there has not been a Liechtenstein army for 150 years (since 1866).

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